Weekly Mantra: Cue happy.

Happy Sunday! We’re just heading home from a night in DC now (…don’t worry, we drove this time so no ten hour bus ride this time). It was SO great and makes me super happy that despite time and distance I’m still so fortunate to be so close with friends from high school. It’s a good reminder that despite so many changes over time there are some things that will always be consistent.

Being away for a night was a good way to “reset”. Not that I was unhappy, but I think as most people feel on occasion sometimes life can feel mundane. I have a big problem when things get stagnant or too predictable. I need spice! I think there’s a comfort in routine but for me I feel like sometimes I get “too comfortable” and then I get bored and need some happy…so I cue happy. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that easy? “Oh you’re sad/bored? Nah, it’s cool just cue happy.” But, you know what? Sometimes it can be that easy.

Okay, this might just be me, but I’ve found for me if I’m sad/bored if I just stop and think about what it is thats bothering me and then just decide to let it go and be happy my mood typically shifts to a more positive place. As with everything there are always outliers and some situations are bigger than just a shift in mindset, but for just the hum drum, mundane aspects of day to day…just cue happy. Because sometimes just shifting your mindset and putting the happy into motion can be the catalyst for a positive day rather than an uphill battle.

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Happy Sunday!


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4 comments on “Weekly Mantra: Cue happy.
  1. Sam@PursuitofHealthyHappiness.com says:

    I totally agree! I always use the saying “Think happy, be happy”. It’s amazing how a simple thought can completely change the way you’re feeling.

    I also think about Barney from How I Met Your Mother saying, “When I’m sad I just stop being sad and be awesome”. Wise words, Barney.

  2. Laura @Endurerunconquer.blogspot.com says:

    I love this! I have been trying to develop positive habits and this is a great one :)

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