Friday Faves: In my bag!

Happy Friday!! So excited for the weekend this week because we’re heading down to DC to visit one of my best friends (and bridesmaids!!). Love that we finally found a week that would work for all of us. Planning to head to a few museums (SO many are free!), then maybe hit up the Union Square market, and get dinner. Finger crossed for no down pour so we can go see the monuments at night. Should be fun!!

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Today I wanted to share with you all my faves from my bag. On pretty an everyday occurrence I have typically have wayy more in my bag than just these, but I would label these as the ESSENTIALS. Oh, my bussiness card? Thats a bonus. I always have one in my wallet…but just a little bonus of the five.

Keep it Real Clean | Friday Faves | Wallet

 Cash Money

Okay, the essential would definitely be the cash part, but hey…wouldn’t life we be great? But, when I do have dollar bills, I prefer for them not to be floating around. I LOVE this Kate Spade Wallet. I bought it over 2 years ago and I thought it would be more of a seasonal wallet and would switch for something in the winter that was a little more…subtle? But, it turns out I use it all year-round because it s just so bright and happy!

Keep it Real Clean | Friday Faves | SUGAR Lip


If you remember from my my beauty obsessions that I’m a big fan of Fresh Cosmetics. I love this SUGAR Lip treatment from Fresh and I have wayyy too many of the different lip treatment colors, but I also love to have some sort of lip treatment with me at all times. Nobody likes chapped lips and the winter was so rough for that!!

Keep it Real Clean | Friday Faves | Earbuds


Okay, let’s get real, they are just earbuds, but I always have at least 1 (if not 3) pairs of earbuds with me. I love listening to music while I walk home, or listening to a podcast while I run errands. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I’m all about just staying in the moment and listening to the world around you, but…then again its nice to tune it out! I typically care this little leather pouch from Loft that I use to keep track of random papers in my bag, like receipts, coupons or whatever, but I also use it to keep my ear buds in a good spot, and keep them from getting crushed.

Keep it Real Clean | Friday Faves | Note pad

Doodle pad

Really though. I do occasionally use it to doodle, but I also keep it tucked into my bag for the hundreds of lists I always seem to have going. At any given time, I probably have 5 lists going at once…grocery list, meal planning list, work to do list, house to do’s, and wedding planning…oh, and then the doodle list 😉

Keep it Real Clean | Friday Faves | Sunglasses


I’m not sure if you remember from my Ways to bring on Summer that having a pair of sunglasses in my bag is pretty much my new happiness essential. Not only is it a great way to remind myself that summer is coming, but it also helps to maintain your eye makeup even if its snowing like crazy! See, I can totally do this city girl thing 😉

Ps. Oh, I swear everything I own is not pink. I don’t even wear that much pink, but there’s something about pink things in your bag to cue happy and I’ll about that!:-)


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