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Happy Thursday! So I’m finally I’m back to hitting the pavement. After this seriously freezing winter, running took a jump to the back burner BUT the good thing was I was able to reintroduce swimming as a workout, despite our previous tumultuous relationship.

Swim Workout | Keep it Real Clean

In high school, I swam on our school’s team for 4 years. Our season was from August until mid Novemeber, but we trained year round and it totally made a love/hate relationship with swimming. I loved the water, the feeling of gliding smoothly through the water, but our coach was INTENSE to say the very least. She once told us her daughter could swim faster than we could. Her daughter was 9 months old. Thankss. Granted probably not the best technique for teaching, but she sculpted us into an awesome team that crushed sectionals 3 years in a row (so like totally major league for high school swimming in Upstate New York 😉 ).

After swimming so intensely for 4 years, I was ready for a break when I got into college. I still swam on occasion, but was not into swimming serious laps. Not at all. I needed a serious break. By taking a break from swimming, I was able to expand my interest in other types of exercise…running, hiking, strength training, kick boxing, yoga…all sorts of greatness.

Swim Workout | Keep it Real Clean


So, after a 7 year break…I finally decided to get back into the pool…and. it. was. great. Oh man did I miss the water and that feeling from sprinting a 200 yard freestyle or finishing a flip turn. Dear Swimming, I’m sorry I deserted you. I promise we’ll work it out. Love, Colleen 😉 Oh ps. I decided to throw out a recent swimming workout. Let me know if you’d be interested in more specifics about starting/incorporating swimming into your workouts!


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