Gettin’ Figgy with it: Figs!

Gettin’ figgy with it, nah nah nahhh nah nah nahhh , gettin’ figgy with it. Oh, sorry. So dorky, but you kind of liked it, didn’t you? ūüėČ So onward, Lately I have been OBSESSED with dried figs. I’m not even sure how I got back into them, but I am loving them lately. I’ve been loving a cup of green or mint tea¬†along with a couple of figs after dinner. They totally feel like a treat!

Gettin' Figgy with it| Figs! | Keep it Real Clean

Umm, but wait! It turns out figs (dried or fresh) are actually super good for you! Figs are a great source of¬†potassium which help to control blood pressure. They also are a great source of dietary fiber which can have a positive effect on weight management. Dietary fiber also takes longer for your body to digest which gives you cues of satiety, meaning you’ll feel fuller, longer! That’s good news. Fresh figs are also packed full of antioxidants!

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Since my recent obsession has emerged I can’t wait to try out some yummy recipes with different varieties of dried figs as well as fresh figs. Hoping I’ll be able to get fresh figs from my farm share in the Spring/Summer months since the grocery store hasn’t had any in a while so I’ve been sticking to these organic, dried figs. Make sure if you go for the dried figs you find a brand without any addictives, including sugar!! Believe me, they are already sweet enough!

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So, have fun gettin’ figgy with it!


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2 comments on “Gettin’ Figgy with it: Figs!
  1. Jess @hellotofit says:

    I’ve never had fresh figs before, but they look so tasty!!

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