Weekly Mantra: Build a door.

Happy Sunday! Ugh, I thought we really had something Spring-y going on, but Philadelphia was once again coated in a lovely blanket of snow. Sorry, but no. Get out snow. I’m ready for warm temperatures…back to the drawing board with my ways to bring on summer. Sorry, I must have been slacking.

Today’s weekly mantra isn’t necessarily something that applies to a current situation for me, but more just for life. I saw this quote the other day when I was leaving the coffee shop near my house and I thought it was such a fun, but meaningful statement. Our generation, The Millennials, gets a bad rep for being lazy and just waiting for something to happen versus doing something about it. I believe that our generation just has a different style than the previous generations and that our hustle is just as strong, but it just not the same style…but that’s a different topic 😉

So for this week’s mantra I hope it serves as a reminder to keep actively seeking opportunities. Just be present to the fact that you have to hustle and work for opportunities. Happy productive Sunday everyone!

Weekly Mantra| Keep it Real Clean| Build a door.

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