Friday Faves: Ways to relax

Happy Friday!! Hope all is wonderful for you all. Today was a pretty long week for me and I’m totally craving a relaxing weekend. I wanted to share with you all my five favorite ways to relax, rejuvenate, and most of all take care of yourself.

Friday Faves: Ways to relax | Keep it Real Clean

1. Take a bath.

Okay, one day I swear I’ll have one of those amazinggg spa like bathrooms. All white…candles everywhere. I can handle that…But until then, I’ll keep enjoying my current bathroom…despite its less than spa like environment. Nothing a little eucalyptus and mint candle eucalyptus and mint candle can’t spruce up ;-). For me, taking a bath and just shutting out the world for a little bit can be the best way to relax. Added bonus…unless you’re a dummy (sorry!) your phone should be no where near your tub which is great to get a little forced disconnect. Lately, I’ve been loving a little mixture of coconut and olive oil as a deep conditioner in my hair. See you in 30!

Fluffy Muffins | Banana and CarrotHealthy Nut Muffins | Keep it Real Clean

2. Cook up something new.

When I’m not too tired, but am just looking for a way to relax, and get a little creative, I love to mix up something in the kitchen. I feel like my best recipes from the days that I just have a little spare time, a random mix up of ingredients, and a hungry fiance. 😉

Friday Faves: Ways to relax | Keep it Real Clean

3. Workout…while watching some pointless TV.

Sometimes at the end of the day I just can’t. I can’t carry on a normal conversation. I can’t read anything.  But, still need to get in the workout…best strategy? BRAVO. No really…Sometimes you need to just turn on something that’s not informative, not educational, but totally entertaining…my favorites? Pretty much anything on Bravo…Real Housewives, yes please.

Friday Faves: Ways to relax | Keep it Real Clean

4. Take a walk.

I’m fortunate enough to live close enough that I can walk to and from work everyday. I used to take a train for over an hour and then drive 15 minutes which was miserable, but also made me so grateful for what I have now. I love being able to walk home everyday and disconnect from my work day without being even more stressed from a crazy commute or getting stuck in traffic. Besides my walking commute, I also love that I am able to walk to a bunch of places throughout the city, or just to have some time for myself.
Friday Faves: Ways to relax | Keep it Real Clean

5. Catch up with a friend.

I pretty much love nothing more than to be able to catch up friends. I’m all about mixing it up with plans for drinks, brunch, dinner, or even a walk! Love getting together to catch up with a friend. Fortunately, even if my friends are 400 miles away I can still connect with them pretty much 24/7. Love a good group chat, snap chat, facebook post all that jazz, but there is something about getting a phone call and actually have a real conversation that I just love. I’m all about the catch up about nothing for 45 minutes.

Friday Faves: Ways to relax | Keep it Real Clean

A recent picture from our new book club! Thanks Alyssa for the picture!

How about you? How do you relax and restore?


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4 comments on “Friday Faves: Ways to relax
  1. Kathryn @ Dancing to Running says:

    I love going for walks after a long day at work. Its nice to get the dog outside and catch up with my husband while we’re out walking.

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      So nice!! So great to have a long walk after a long day. Now that temps are getting better its so nice to be out!

  2. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Very cool that you’re in a book club! That’s probably the only way I’d be able to force myself to read lol! I took an Epsom salt bath a week or so ago, it was amazing! I do need some essential oils though!

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