Snacky time: Super food mix

Hello lovely friends! I decided to shake up my typical almond routine and go for a new nut. Cue the Pistachio. Did you know that Pistachios actually container fewer calories and saturated fat, but more potassium and vitamin K (important for your bones!) than any other nut? Thats nuts 😉 I don’t hate that I can eat more and get more bang for my buck, without the extra calories or fat. Along with my pistachios I toss in some dried goji berries and raw coconut. Get ready…more fun facts!

Superfood mix | Keep it Real Clean | Meal Prep

Did you know that goji berries are used in some cultures to treat some health problems such as diabetes, fever, high blood pressure and eye problems? Granted, I use the word “treat” with caution. I’m all about the holistic route, but within reason…and your doctor’s guidance. There have also been some studies that have found these powerful berries to contribute to mental well-being and calmness. Once again, the trial is still out, but for me, I love the tartness of goji berries and the little bit of sweetness they add to my mix.

Superfood mix | Keep it Real Clean | Meal Prep

As for the coconut, I love using raw, toasted coconut…definitely not that icky, sticky sugar encrusted coconut you find in the baking aisle. Raw coconut is an awesome source of healthy fat…like avocados! Healthy fats are essential for your body to perform, including healthy brain functions.

Superfood mix | Keep it Real Clean | Meal Prep

Hope you enjoy this mix!


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