Friday Faves: Ways to bring on Summer

Oh man, TGIF. I’m about as ready for the weekend as I am ready for my next breath. Its essential. Speaking of essential…I’m also so ready for the summer. If only summers were the same now as they were when I was in college or high school. Oh man what I wouldn’t give to have the summers free…but then again, I wouldn’t trade up my job for another that would allow me that flexibility. Oh well, grass is always greener. 😉

So last week I decided I was OVER winter….Over shoveling the sidewalk, over slipping everyday on the way to work, and over freezing my face off every day. Um, no thanks. Over it. In order to lull summer in I decided to just pretend it was summer and basically, it worked. You’re welcome. 😉 So here it goes, 5 ways to just pretend it summer! Sprinkled throughout this post are a few of my favorite recent pins! Check out some of my recent pins!

Score some resort wear

New season, new wardrobe? Okay, maybe not, but a few new essentials could be fun to spice it up. Okay, granted not all of the stores are stocked with summer clothes…but Pinterest is stocked.


Style some beachy waves

Might as well look like you’re on vacation right? Lately, I’ve been all about the beachy, bohemian-esqe waves on thr weekends. Less primped than the wintery, but still just as cute. Oh heyyy Blue Crush.


Fire up the Grill

What says summer more than firing up the grill? But…just in case your grill is still covered in snow you can totally still rock out a summer meal inside. Last week we had turkey burgers with salad and watermelon. Um…hi summer meals. Oh, if you wanna get real summery, and maybe a little bad? Pair it with your favorite summer cocktail. Frozen drinks when the ground is still frozen? I’ll add an extra layer of socks to be able to enjoy that.

South Beach, Miami, FL |Keep it Real Clean

Make plans

Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ALL about the calendar. Wanna hang out in 5 months? Get it in the books now. I get that that sounds super lame, but whatever. Anyone else feel like you have to plan wayy in advance if you want to hang out with friends? No more casual texts for a friday night…instead its 3 weeks in advance just to grab breakfast. But, whatever you can get PUMPED for those three weeks, oh and for me it doesn’t hurt to have extra time to check out the menu. Pull out your planner now and get some fun summer plans in the book so you have fun summery things to look forward to all summer long!



Sidenote: Don’t worry. I’m rocking my 50 spf sunscreen…and about to get out of the sun!

Catch some rays

If needed, bundle up and enjoy the extra sun (thanks Day Light Savings!!). We were fortunate enough to have had a few super nice days (okay, windy and 50’s, but after -2 degree days I’ll take it!). Take advantage if you’re able to and go for a run, enjoy a hike, take a walk, whatever…just get out and enjoy whatever season we’re in! Oh, wanna remind yourself of the summer temps ahead? Toss some sunglasses into your bag!

Travel Essentials | Keep it Real Clean

Bright skies are ahead, friends!


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