Meal Prep: Kale & Quinoa Cakes

Hello friends! I wanted to share a recipe that I made recently. I basically was looking for something easy that could double as a breakfast side, a snack or maybe with for lunch with a soup or salad. Basically, this is the new black of meal prep. So versatile. So chic. So now. Meet these Kale & Quinoa Cakes.

Keep it Real Clean | Kale & Quinoa Cakes

Granted, I know they don’t look super cute, but I swear. They are versatile and super, duper easy to make. They are good on their own, but also super easy to mix up the flavors. I had one with a poached egg on top for breakfast the other day and then another on top of a spinach and arugula salad. Let’s get real. What other foods can you do that with that will actually make a substantial meal? Um, get back to me. I’ll be over here eating my kale and quinoa.

I will warn you that they take a little bit longer than many of my recipes, but I promise…the meal prep now will make a world of difference later!

Kale & Quinoa Cakes

1 large potato; scrub clean and dice
1 tablespoon fresh garlic; about 2 cloves fresh
3 cups of kale; chop and de-rib
1 cup quinoa; rinsed
1 cup stock; chicken or veg your choice 😉
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1/2 chili powder

1. First, prepare quiona to package. Make sure to rinse prior to cooking if needed!
2. While quinoa is cooking, cook chopped onion and garlic. Aim to carmalize onions. You may need to toss in a little bit of olive oil!
3. Boil diced potato and mash.
4. Combine onions, potatoes, quinoa, stock, and spices. You don’t need to use a mixer for this! (I’m just fancy 😉 )
5. Saute kale and add to mixture.
6. Next, allow mixture to cool slightly prior to placing into muffin tins.
7. Cook at 375 for 20-25 minutes until slightly browned.
8. Store in fridge for up to 5 days or freezer for prolonged use! You can reheat by “sauteing” slightly on stove top or your preferred method. Get fancy with your prep!

Ohh, remember when I said I had something coming at the end of the month? I’ve decided to get a little kooky and throw myself into the world of YouTube. Check out this fun cooking “tutorial” for this recipe.

Enjoy friends!!

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