On a Plane, a Train or a Bus: Your travel essentials.

Okay, so if you saw a few weeks ago in my Weekly Mantra posting I mentioned that we recently took a bus ride from hell bus ride that lasted just a wee bit longer than anticipated (like 6 hours more). While sitting on that bus I thought of all of the things I wished I had had to not die of boredom/starve/not ruin our relationship, you know…the usual.

Unfortunately for me I had barely any of these things with me, but I think that in the future I’ll be sure to always have is packed in my bag. Let my mistakes be your gain ūüėČ


First things first, always make sure to have plenty of water. Granted, you can only bring so much without worrying about space or weight, but definitely bring a good volume.¬†I had a large bottle of 32 ounces, but considering we were on the bus for over 10 hours so 32 ounces was definitely not enough for the two of us…but then again…the bus ran out of toilet paper so maybe it was a godsend. Regardless make sure to always have at least one full bottle of water for each person ūüėČ

Water with frozen fruit!Munchies

Second, going along the water, make sure to always have a few snacks on hand…never mind make that be sure to have a full meal…or maybe two…on hand. We had had breakfast right just before getting on the bus and had brought a few snacks (figs and an apple). Considering the bus was supposed to only be 2.5 hours I thought that would be enough to sustain us for the trip…unfortunately for us, we didn’t intend to be there the entire day.

Travel Essentials | Keep it Real Clean

Boredom Busters

Next, make sure to always have something to do. ¬†I was in a rush in the morning and wasn’t able to charge my Kindle and I had just finished my book for book club (Where’d you go Bernadette?) so I figured I would entertain myself with my phone, taking a little snooze or talking at with my fiance. But, let’s be real, it can be really nice to have¬†a phyisical book (that wouldn’t require power like a kindle or phone)¬†in order to occupy the time. Think about things that you can do that don’t require a huge pile of stuff to bring (your handmade card craft with embossers and glitter? eh, better at home…a new book? bring it along!). If you do plan to use your electronics, make sure to have headphones so that you can jam out without annoying neighbors.

Travel Essentials| Keep it Real Clean


Okay, lets be real. We can’t argue that sometimes your phone can keep you entertained for hours…that is if you can power hours of work. I was all about the fact that our bus has power outlets, but naturally on our SWEET ride the outlets didn’t work. I would highly suggest investing in an alternative power source, such as a charging case. I’m obsessed with this Kate Spade Charging case. They also sell a Portable Backup Battery in case you don’t want to get too bulky. Oh, quick note on using your phone for entertainment…if you’re truly in a situation that could be dangerous ie. your bus breaks down on the side of the road for 10 hours. You’ll need that power to let loved ones know!

Kate Spade Charging Case | Keep it Real Clean | Travel Essentials

Keep it cute

Okay, you may be being frugal and fun by taking a bus, but you don’t have to look like you live on that said bus. Let’s not plan on bringing her Caboodle (remember these?) of goods, but just a little kit that will keep you looking sane. Make sure to have a small kit of essentials. For me, this included some moistened face wipes, a light weight lotion, chapstick and a mascara. You won’t regret having a fresh face when you finally come into the station.

Keep it Real Clean | Travel essentials

Snuggle up

Why is it that the temperature can never seem to be just right on a bus? Um, is that the A/C? Is there a window open? Okay, I’ll admit that I can’t lie I’m pretty much freezing 90% of the time. Probably my favorite, key essential is to have some sort of shawl or heavy scarf. You’ll be happy to have something to cozy up with if you want to catch some zzz’s or keep out the chill. Also, bonus points: you can easily wrap around you or tie on your bag when moving. Nice if you’re in a hurry and it won’t take up space in your bag!

Favorite Sunnies

Okay, so next issue. It may be not be freezing this time, but lucky you! You got the seat that the sun seems to be following. Great for temperature, not so great for your eyes! Make sure to have a pair of sunglasses to protect those eyes, and maybe even help you ¬†want to try to get some shut eye.¬†Bonus: You can totally look cute and chic when you get to your destination even if you haven’t slept in days.

Travel Essentials | Keep it Real Clean

Travel buddy

Okay, let’s try make this too cheesy. I’m all about traveling alone, but maybe if you find that perfect travel buddy all will make sense.¬†I’m all about traveling with my fianc√© because we know¬†what to expect from the other. He makes sure that we actually make it to our gate on time with our boarding passes printed, and I keep his kookiness under control so we don’t end up being so early that we sleep at the airport.

Happy Travels!


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