Weekly Manta: Mistakes.

Good morning lovelies!¬†Hope you all had a restful weekend. We definitely needed it! The past few weekends we’ve been bopping all over the place and totally we’re looking forward to a weekend of rest. We planned for a week of no plans ūüėČ Kind of an oxymoron, but whatever. I do what I want.

So lately, I’ve been a little off. Blame it on the kookiness of our weekends, the¬†never ending winter that we seem to be stuck in, or maybe some unknown stress thats linger that I have yet to figure out…who knows. Whatever it is, I’m stuck. I have a race coming up (The Hot Chocolate 15k), but cannot seem to get it moving. This week I’ve been trying to make an effort to take a step back, plan (and complete!) my workouts and make better food choices, but something is still off.¬†¬†I have a theory that my body knows when somethings wrong when before my heart and my head and my body then pulls out all the stops to make my head to catch on!¬†Sometimes I think I need a reminder like this to get me back on track and also to figure out what it is that isn’t right so then I can fix it. So here’s to a week with less slip ups and more happiness. Happy Sunday!

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