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Hi all! Happy Friday!! So sorry for the lack of posts lately. We’ve been so busy lately and, well, I can’t lie, because¬†work keeps me super busy during the week I heavily rely on the weekends to get posts planned and pictures done. Sorry again, but don’t worry! I’ll be coming back strong soon!

I wanted to share with you some of my fav beauty essentials that I use pretty much on a daily basis. I try to keep it nice and simple with the beauty supplies, but since these are my everyday essentials…they are a wee bit of a splurge, but whatever, you’re worth it ūüėČ

Beauty Obsessions| Keep it Real Clean

I’m obsessed with this fragrance¬†Chance¬†by¬†CHANEL.¬†Its such a great wintery perfume. Its still light, and subtle while still giving you that wonderful, warm dress up feeling. You know that feeling right? Like the drinking Pinot, sitting by a fire feeling. Ugh, gimme. Granted I can’t wear it everyday working in a hospital, but if you can. Do it. So great.

Beauty Obsessions| Keep it Real Clean

Speaking of smelling good…this is something I do wear everyday ūüėČ I am weird about my deodorants. Not only do I have super sensitive skin, but I also try to avoid any metals, such as Aluminium. Although the jury isn’t unanimous about the connection of these metals and certain diseases, such as Breast Cancer and most recently Alzheimer’s, to me it’s not worth the risk when its something as simple as swapping out your deodorant! Currently, I love this¬†Crystal Essence¬†Deodorant in Chamomile & Green tea. Its a fresh, light smell that can be hard to find in some natural products!

Beauty Obsessions| Keep it Real Clean

Okay, friends, not so sure about you all but my skin has it hard in the winter. Like its a real struggle. If I miss out on a part of my moisturizing routine I wake up looking like a zombie basically. Its real cute. But not, I actually use this moisturizer all year and its best if your skin is a little damp when you put it on. Its light enough to wear alone or as an easy base for your make up. They also make a version with SPF which is my typical go to and once this is out I’ll be picking up my SPF version…definitely for the summer months!

Beauty Obsessions| Keep it Real Clean

I recently discovered this from Well-Rested under eye brightener from¬†bareMinerals. I am a huge fan of their powders, but until recently hadn’t been looking into the other products.¬†I was actually looking for an under eye cover up when I found this. I grabbed it quick…then got home and realized my fail. Whoops. But it turns out this was even better! I love that it brightens my under eye area and removes any puffiness I might have from my less than perfect night’s sleep.

Beauty Obsessions| Keep it Real Clean

This is my newest addiction. I swear, it actually is an addiction. Okay, I know I said how much I love the¬†Hope in a Jar,¬†but this winter has been tough so I’ve had to up my moisturizing routine. I use the moisturizer in the morning and this oil at night. Really, this. oil. is. it. I just bought it recently and was initially hesitant. Literally pouring oil onto your skin? Um, that can’t be good for you. Oil = Pimples, right? Wrong. Good Oil = Amazing, beautiful soft skin. In love. Invest.

Interested? Check them out here!

Face Oil

Happy Friday, Beauties!


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