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REST: 10 reasons to take a rest day!

Keep it Real Clean | 10 reasons to take a rest day Okay, I think a true REST day is seriously one of my biggest challenges. When I first started really scheduling my workouts I would pick one random day and take it as a rest day regardless if my body was telling me I needed it or not.

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Weekly Mantra: Cue happy.

Cue Happy. | Weekly Mantra| Healthy lifestyle | Keep it Real Clean Happy Sunday! We’re just heading home from a night in DC now (…don’t worry, we drove this time so no ten hour bus ride this time). It was SO great and makes me super happy that despite time and distance I’m still so fortunate to be so close with friends from high school.

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Friday Faves: In my bag!

Keep it Real Clean | Friday Faves | Happy Friday!! So excited for the weekend this week because we’re heading down to DC to visit one of my best friends (and bridesmaids!!). Love that we finally found a week that would work for all of us.

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Make a splash: Swim workouts!

Swim Workout | Keep it Real Clean Happy Thursday! So I’m finally I’m back to hitting the pavement. After this seriously freezing winter, running took a jump to the back burner BUT the good thing was I was able to reintroduce swimming as a workout, despite our previous tumultuous relationship.

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Gettin’ Figgy with it: Figs!

afterlight (1) Gettin’ figgy with it, nah nah nahhh nah nah nahhh , gettin’ figgy with it. Oh, sorry. So dorky, but you kind of liked it, didn’t you? 😉 So onward, Lately I have been OBSESSED with dried figs. I’m not even sure how I got back into them, but I am loving them lately.

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Tidy Up!: Clean Up Routines

Clean up routines and schedules | keep it real clean Okay, okay. I know this is kind of lame. Cleaning? Boo. No fun, but then again…its a fact of life. Lately, I’ve been trying out a new cleaning schedule to try to balance out the amount of time I spend doing chores, like cleaning, grocery shopping…you know? Boring adult stuff.

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Weekly Mantra: Build a door.

Weekly Mantra| Keep it Real Clean| Build a door. Today’s weekly mantra isn’t necessarily something that applies to a current situation for me, but more just for life. I saw this quote the other day when I was leaving the coffee shop near my house and I thought it was such a fun, but meaningful statement.

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Friday Faves: Ways to relax

Friday Faves: Ways to relax | Keep it Real Clean Happy Friday!! Hope all is wonderful for you all. Today was a pretty long week for me and I’m totally craving a relaxing weekend. I wanted to share with you all my five favorite ways to relax, rejuvenate, and most of all take care of yourself.

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