Reasons to drink MORE .

…more water that is, but then again I guess these ideas could work for anything you’re drinking. Well, unfortunately, this week I was feeling pretty terrible for a few days…just run down, and overall ughh. I was trying to rack my brain to see what was different…new foods? different workouts? less sleep? more stress? All of the regular triggers…although I can’t 100% say, but I do think not drinking enough water seemed to be a big part of the issue. Also…let’s be real. It was the easiet variable to tease out ;-). When I’m trying to increase my H20 intake I have a few tricks up my sleeves that totally help me. Let me know if you use any similar tricks and please share yours as well!

Ways to drink MORE | Keep it Real Clean

1. Invest in a water bottle…one that you actually want to use!

I have to admit sometimes I’m guilty of needing to go out and grab a water bottle mid day, but it can be a total downer to have to spend $2-3 dollars on a bottle (let’s be real, I grab a 32 ounce bottle…more bang) when you really shouldn’t need to pay for water. I love my Lifefactory Glass water bottle. Since it’s glass, you can mix it up with flavors and not be too crazy about it retaining a taste from a previous drink…whether its a green smoothie one day, a protein shake another, with a good wash you should be able to enjoy your fresh water without reminders of your previous drinks.Oh, ps… just make sure you clean under the rubber stopper on the lid!

2. Add a fun flavor to your water!

I’m a huge fan of lemon in my water, but some days it fun to mix it up. My favorite new trick? Frozen fruit. Not only will it keep your water cold and give it a slight flavor, you can snack on it when it thaws. Win, win. I also lately have been really into sparkling waters. Its like glitter. that you drink. but it won’t kill you. Once again, win, win.

Ways to drink MORE | Keep it Real Clean

3. Make a water schedule.

You can get really crafty and add a timeline to your bottle, breaking down by hours, or follow my method. I keep a pretty typical water routine each day. I aim for 80-100 ounces of water per day, but that’s what works for me! You know yourself better than anyone so try to figure out what’s best for you. Here’s how I get my ounces..

  • Upon waking, I’ll drink a 12-ish ounce glass of water with lemon before drinking my coffee.
  • At work, I have a 20 ounce glass bottle at my desk. I aim to drink one full bottle in the morning, one at lunch and one in afternoon. (60 ounces in total!)
  • When I get home, while cooking dinner I drink a 12 ounce glass of water…not only does it help with overall water consumption, but also helps to it hold off the hunger just long enough to cook without eating all of the ingredients.
  • During dinner, I’ll typically drink another 12 ounces of water, especially if we have spicy foods (so every night…)
  • Sometimes I get real crazy and have a cup of tea at night…. so another 10-ish ounces of water.

4. Drink from a straw. Crazy or not.

I don’t know what it is, but drinking from a straw totallyyyy makes me chug water. I’m that person at the restaurant that the waiter is tempted to just leave the pitcher at the table. Whoops. At home, I loveee to use my straws to bump up my water intake!

5. Eat something spicy.

When all else fails…eat something spicy!! Nothing like a sprinkle of jalapenos to make you chug away!

Ways to drink MORE | Keep it Real Clean

Drink it up!


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