Weekly Mantra: Collect happy.

Good Morning! Happy Sunday! Maybe it was the taste of the nicer weather we had at the beginning of the week…or mayebthe frigid temps today that make me hope that Spring is getting closer, but whatever it was, I was totally inspired to DECLUTTER. I went through our closet, drawers, linen closet, cupboards…everything and REMOVED the crap. My finance is in love with anything sentimental…Receipts? Yes please. Sports tickets? Keep them all. Gum wrappers? Okay, maybe not that far, but you get the jist. I on the other hand, get rid of everything. Sometimes wayyy too early or to the point that we then have to dig through the trash to find it. Whoops. So maybe a healthy balance between the both would be best, but just remember, even if you keep those filthy shoe laces from the half marathon PR its the memories of the moment that you forever will have…regardless of the shoe laces or not 😉

Weekly Mantra| Collect moments, not things. | Keep it Real Clean

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