Friday Faves: 5 ways to STAY WARM

Happy Friday! Uhhh oh, Friday the 13th! Better just stay home. Too risky out there 😉

So anyone else cold? Lately, I have been FREEZING. Even that day that was a winter “heat wave” wooo 40… I was still a block of ice. I definitely have tried the traditional approaches of bundling up from my toes to the top of my head and the college approach of just pretending I don’t care and not wearing an actual coat, because duh…my outfit. But, alas, all approaches just lead to me staying at home, under all the covers, trying to convince my fiance that having the thermostat at 80 is totally acceptable. Well, it turns out that doesn’t help when you have to go to work…or do anything requiring moving. Don’t you worry. I have a few of my five favorite ways to keep it warm, despite the icicles forming from your sunglasses.

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1. Bundle up with a serious scarf.

I’m not talking about some wimpy little scarf. Go chunky. Go knit. Go warm. Lately, I have been loving a faux fur infinity scarf that I got as a Christmas gift a few years ago. Not only is it super warm, but because it’s an infinity scarf I can just whip it on and go when I’m in a rush…which basically describes every morning.

2. Take a hot yoga class.

Oh its glorious. You get the benefits of a yoga class while enjoying the heat of the sauna like room. Take a little time so that you can defrost. Just make sure you remember to a bring a warm top and maybe some leg warmers for after class so you avoid frozen sweat. Hot.

3. Do some snuggly cuddling.

Whether its your puppy or your buddy. Get a little snuggling. Layer on the blankets. I mean if you want to make it an event might add a glass of wine. Boom. Instant happy hour. Look at you! Being social and all that 😉

4. Pour some warm drinks.

Wine not your thing? Make a little cuppy cup of something warm and toasty. Hot chocolate? Hot tea? Warm cider? The mug is your oyster…or something like that. Enjoy your instant hand warmer!

5. Keep your tootsies toasty!

I’m not a sock person. At all. But, when the floor feels like an ice rink, even I can get down with an awesome pair of toasty socks. The saying may be, “cold hands, warm heart”, but I don’t think toes have ever been included. Keep your toes warm!

Stay warm friends!!

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