Friday Faves: Valentine’s Day Goods

GOOD MORNING! Andd, Happy Friday! Phew, can’t believe it’s already February! One step closer to warmer temperatures, but also deep enough in the winter that we can still bundle, layer up and cuddle. I mean, to stay warm of course. Speaking of cuddling, Yay for Valentine’s Day! I swear, Valentine’s Day may be one of the World’s Biggest controversies…okay, not really, but…want to get people talking? Ask their opinion on Valentine’s Day. People do not mess around. LOVE or LOATHE. The opinions are rampant. I, for one, love Valentine’s Day. But, not just Valentine’s day…I just love LOVE, any day, any time…but a day that, although Hallmark-y and commercial driven, reminds us to love your significant other, your friends or yourself? Not bad in my book.

Here are my Valentine’s Day favorites…best part? You don’t have to share with anyone if you don’t want to. Girl, you do you.

Sweets and Treats!

For me, my FAVORITE is dark chocolate…and not just regular old dark chocolate, but REALLY dark…my favorite is this 85% dark from Green & Black’s. Its a little bitter, but just enough to give you a sweet treat without needing to eat the entire bar. But…even if you do….its Valentine’s month after all! Oh right, and dark chocolate is totally healthyy 😉


Daily Love Reminders

Okay, this is a wee bit of a splurge in my book for a phone case, but you use it everyday! I am OBSESSED with the Kate Spade phone cases. I currently have a white case with gold polka dots….I got it a few days after we got engaged and was all about the white and gold :-). I love this love themed one!


Pop, fizz, sip!

Everyone loves to feel fancy with a drink from a fancy cup. Whether that’s Champagne or a green smoothie…I love these glasses from Anthropologie. And surprise suprise they are in my favorite Rose gold! Wish they had them in Champage flutes!


FLOWERS everywhere

Okay, I LOVE flowers. Everyday, everywhere, but a day that pretty much says that you can pretty splurge on a bouquet for yourself? Not much else to say about flowers, but gimme.
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Funny, punny and lovey cards

I love a funny, but still lovey card. No overally mushy faux card for me, but something that is actually personal and funny? You win. This adorable card came from Etsy. (Click the picture for the link!). For me, I love a cute card…but you totally score bonus points by writing something lovely, rather than your name (Oh,…hint, hint 😉 ).

Happy Valentine’s Month, lovies!!

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