Weekly Mantra: Be gentle.

Good Morning! Happy Sunday friends!! I think I may be the only person NOT writing about the Super Bowl, eh…Its great and all, but to be honest I’m not doing any special cooking for the Super Bowl anyways so I got nothing for you ;-). So,¬†yesterday I kind of had a little bit of a AHH moment. I was thinking about Wedding plans and about starting to make plans to go dress shopping…and I freaked out. For forever, I always thought, “Okay, when I get married I’ll be in the absolute best shape ever and look like a cake topper” (okay, I didn’t say that, but you know what I mean…). Scanning over countless pins, flipping through bridal magazines, and letting your mind wander about how you picture your wedding day can be super exciting, but also super intimidating. So, for this week, my weekly mantra is to be gentle, acknowledge hardwork, but don’t beat myself up about the accomplishments I’ve had thus far.

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Have a loving, gentle Sunday, friends!


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