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Friday Faves: Workout essentials

Work Faves For me, I definitely look for variety and ease when planning my workout schedule. Most weeks I can make it to work out 4-5 times a week, but each week is never the same and often never exactly as planned. Here are essentials to meet the variety…from running, spinning, lifiting or…yoga-ing. 😉

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Meal Prep: Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

Quick mix Quinoa and Black Bean Salad Ugh, I don’t know about you guys but this week is EXHAUSTING. Only Tuesday? Really? Are you sure. Wahh. Anywayys, this week I’m 100% percent feeling the fail of the fact that I didn’t do any prep cooking for this week…not only for sanity of time, but also my bank account. Ouch, tough to buy lunch every day…whoops.

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Weekly Mantra: Possibility everywhere.

Keep it Real Clean| See possibility everywhere. Oooh, yeah…Sunday. Oh how I wish I was cuddled up drinking coffee, reflecting on my week and planning for the next..instead its basically bedtime, I have a pile of clothes that needs to be sorted out so I can actually be presentable all week for work and a sinkful of dishes that are going nowhere fast. My bad.

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Make your own Almond Milk

Step 1 I previously published this article almost a year ago, but wanted to bring it back to the forefront. I use it all the time and each time its easier and easier! Honestly, its a 5 minute process in my weekly meal prep.  What’s five more minutes? A week of almond milk, that’s what 😉 Hope you enjoy!

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Reasons to drink MORE .

Ways to drink MORE | Keep it Real Clean …more water that is, but then again I guess these ideas could work for anything you’re drinking. Well, unfortunately, this week I was feeling pretty terrible for a few days…just run down, and overall ughh. I was trying to rack my brain to see what was different…new foods? different workouts? less sleep? more stress?

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Weekly Mantra: Collect happy.

Weekly Mantra| Collect moments, not things. | Keep it Real Clean Good Morning! Happy Sunday! Maybe it was the taste of the nicer weather we had at the beginning of the week…or mayebthe frigid temps today that make me hope that Spring is getting closer, but whatever it was, I was totally inspired to DECLUTTER. I went through our closet, drawers, linen closet, cupboards…everything and REMOVED the crap. My finance is in love with anything sentimental…Receipts? Yes please.

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Friday Faves: 5 ways to STAY WARM

Friday faves| 5 ways to keep WARM| Beat the winter blues. | Keep it Real Clean So anyone else cold? Lately, I have been FREEZING. Even that day that was a winter “heat wave” wooo 40… I was still a block of ice. I definitely have tried the traditional approaches of bundling up from my toes to the top of my head and the college approach of just pretending I don’t care and not wearing an actual coat, because duh…my outfit.

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Meal Prep: 1 hour for 4 days!

Meal Prep in 1 hour! | WIAW| Keep it Real Clean On Sunday, I was revealing in the Sunday feeling of the “calm before the storm”. We spent all day Saturday doing A TON of home projects so Sunday was the clean up and replacement of everything from the work. Oh right, and then time for usual Sunday stuff…like meal prep! I haven’t done a solid meal prep in a while, but I was ready to get it in order this week…but didn’t want to spend the day doing it! Solution? Don’t. I was able to prep all meals and snacks for my 4 day work week and planned our dinners in…wait for it…one hour. Check it out!

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