Weekly Mantra: Create happiness.

Brrrr, its. way. too. cold. Coming from Upstate NY, one may think that I should be able to adapt to these freezing temperatures, but in reality I just know that you shouldn’t go out when it gets to be 11 degrees outside. Nope, no thanks. Time to hunker in and sit under 18 layers of blankets, with 5 pairs of socks on your feet (and hands!!) and sip hot chocolate (vegan this week, of course…) and eat soup). ¬†Just kidding, despite the frigid temps life goes on! This week I could already start to feel the “saddness” of January setting in…holidays are over, cold/icy weather has started and the sun seems to set at 3pm… but I’ve decided this year to not let it get the best of me. Instead of hunkering in for the winter, I want to go big. This week’s mantra may appear to actually be literal (heat lamps are a thing, right?), but think of it more as how you create your own happiness everyday despite the stress of work, kookiness of the weather, or the chaos of life. Happy Sunday!

some-days-you-just-have-to-create-your-own-sunshine | Keep it Real Clean

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