#WIAW: The Vegan Tuesday!

Here it is! Once again, pushing up my #WIAW to the Tuesday edition. I was initially planning to launch this on Wednesday, but honestly I want your opinions!! I felt like I was eating all day, but I was starving! I will say I have a very busy, physical job, I walk to and from work each day (about 1.5 miles each way) and I also hit up the gym, but I’m super interested in what you all think about portion sizes and my food choices. So here it goes! Its my #WIAW: What I ate Wednesday (Tuesday edition) link up with Peas and Crayons.

Breakfast: I’m in the process of trying to get back on schedule with waking up on time…and not 20 minutes before I absolutely need to leave. whoops! Even my morning routine was hitting up the holidays. I got myself out of bed with the intrigue of coffee. in order to meet my guidelines in my Vegan Trial I’ve been adding unsweetened vanilla coconut milk to my coffee and OMG. Its delicious. Previously, during my Whole 30, I was cutting out dairy and would add coconut milk to my coffee, but was unable to add coconut milk due to preservatives. I can’t lie. I enjoy this milk ohhh, so much more.

Vegan trial| Keep it Real Clean
Since I had some extra time this morning, I decided to whip up a green smoothie to bring along to work with me. I whipped up a smoothie with almond milk, spinach, strawberries, a scoop of nut butter and flax and chia seeds.

Vegan trial| Keep it Real Clean

Lunch: For lunch, I had some awesome vegan chili with half an avocado and a side of tortilla chips. Okay, I know that I’ve said avoado in chili is amazing, but I’m just going to say it again. It blows any sour cream, cheese, etc topping out of the water #respecttheavocado

Snacks:  In the morning, I munched on apple slices and a side of chocolate coconut milk. Later in the afternoon around 4pm in between seeing patients I had some sliced green peppers with hummus.

Vegan Trial | Keep it real clean

Preworkout: Before hitting up a Body Pump class (sidenote: DO IT. It’s amazing!!), I had a nut butter sandwich on wheat bread and a glass of water. Just enough to avoid being uber hungry, but not to be stuffed before my workout.

Dinner: For dinner, I had to go with the old stand-by, and made some tacos. I was a little worried that these tacos would be a little bland because I didn’t have cheese, or sour cream to add and I wasn’t feeling the vegan sour cream I had used earlier in the week, but luckily, these tacos were not lacking in flavor at all! I added some fresh spinach, avocado, with sauteed portobello mushrooms, peppers and onions and wrapped in a tortilla.
Vegan Trial | Keep it Real Clean

So far so good on Day 3 of my vegan trial! I feel like I’m eating more frequently following a vegan diet, but what do you think? Too much? Too little? Am I missing anything obvious? Tellll meeee.

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2 comments on “#WIAW: The Vegan Tuesday!
  1. katie says:

    hey colleen! i cant really speak to a plant based v. meat based diet for keeping you full, but have you thought about using a calorie counting app (like myfitnesspal) to see if you’re getting enough food? the app makes it easy to see your macros too, so you can determine if you need more calories of protein v. carbs!

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      I used to use one all the time so I tried it on Wednesday…interesting enough I didn’t eat nearly as much as the day before. I definitely have “cyclic hunger” and have super hungry days following not so hungry. Thinking this day was just a hungry day! I also made sure to really drink water throughout the day versus just in the morning which I totally do because I tend to not be as busy in the morning as the afternoon. I’m going to track nutrient and calories for the next week and see how it goes! Thanks girl!!

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