New Year, New Bucket list.

So, here we are again. Looking back over 2014 and making plans for 2015…I started out making a list of resolutions, but meh, why give yourself that “burden” of a to do list for the upcoming year? Instead, I’m going to use the same method I did last year and make myself a 2015 bucket list! After all, I accomplished nearly all of my goals last year so something must be working, right? 😉

1. Keep running. 

2014 was an awesome year for me to establish running as a new hobby and this year I plan to totally tap into refining it. My goals for running include; running a half in under 2 hours; running a 15k (already signed up!!); and running more races with friends and my fiance! ..Just maybe we’ll choose some that don’t require us to wear ugly sweaters…


2. Establish new traditions.

I’m not sure if its because we’re now engaged or because we’re getting old (I mean we did stay in on New Year’s Eve…), but this past holiday season I was really big on us making our own traditions. In this next year, I really would like for us to start making new traditions for our one day family.

3. Explore more cuisines.  

Starting with my Vegan Trial in January, I want to expand my knowledge of new cuisines so that I can become more a well rounded cook. Recently we’ve tried some awesome new restaurants and started making more exciting dishes at home (including Cuban Food after our Miami trip!). Oh, and just in case this involves travel more…so be it :-)

4. Read more.

I seem to have a pile of books constantly building up on my bedside table…books I want to read, but never seem to find the time! My goal this year is to actually cut out time to set aside to read. Perhaps I can read for more than 3 or 4 minutes before passing out if I pick a time not before bed!

image (3)

5. Develop my blog.

This year was definitely great for Keep it Real Clean. I have developed an awesome love for the hobby of blogging, but this year I would like to expand it even more. I think this past year, and especially these last few weeks, have given me a clearer picture of what I would like my blog to be and how I can get there. One major goal is to develop a clear blogging schedule…Anyone have any suggestions on this?

6. Learn more about photography.

Oh, would you look at that…bet you can see where this is going? See goal 5 :-) I’m currently in the market for a new camera. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for cameras!

7.  Try 4 new workout types.

Last year my goal was to “try new workouts” and yes, I guess I technically was able to accomplish it, but how can I really say I did it if it wasn’t actually measurable. This year I’m going to make a number goal to say “YUP, I did it!” Oh, also…I decided to go with the number 4 so that way if I find something I love I can stick with it without brushing it aside to reach the quota for the year.


8. Take a cooking class.

This was on my bucket list last year, but it seemed like something was always popping up. This year we’re planning to hit up a cooking class in the city.

9. Eat breakfast in bed.

What. I like eating. I like being in bed. Therefore, this year we will eat in bed more. Maybe this will become a tradition or something, but I just have this sepia toned, lavender smelling, dipped in honey dream of eating breakfast in bed…oh, and somehow not spilling anything and not having a kitchen full of dishes. We’ll see how this works 😉

10. Plan our wedding.

Ohhhh right. That’s happening soon. Granted its not until 2016, but I guess I should do a little bit of planning, right?



Here’s to a great 2015!

How about you? New Year’s resolutions? Bucket list? Goals? Tellll meeee.


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