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Hi all! Decided to do a #WIAW: Tuesday Edition this week since tomorrow I wanted to write about my year! After all its been a great year! But, back to #WIAW…despite Christmas being over the office doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo since its still crawling in sprinkles and sugar, but I made a big effort to avoid it all and amazingly get in my workout! Hooray for 2 workouts so far this week!

Cold pressed coffee | #WIAW | Keep it Real Clean


This morning I had to lure myself out of bed with coffee. Lure, tempt etc. Regardless,  I was finally able to get out of bed. A friend from work gave me this cold pressed coffee that she recently ordered and wanted me to try. I love cold pressed coffee because it tends to be less acidic, but  some days I’m not too pumped to drink a cold coffee. After tireless research (a google search), I found that the suggested way to warm cold pressed coffee is to heat the milk or water then pour in around 4 ounces of coffee. I also had some eggs cooked with spinach and arugula and avocado. Love avocado, so glad for the avocado trend this year. Thanks 2014!

Egg with Avocado | #WIAW | Keep it Real Clean


Lunch was a quinoa salad made with cooked mushrooms, arugula, spinach, and tomatoes topped with balsamic. I also had an apple on the side. Oh, and about a gallon of water!


I successfully avoided the chocolate cookies, biscotti, and Italian cookies that were available during an afternoon meeting and went for a yogurt around 3pm. I tried this greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s and overall, eh, not my favorite. Slightly overwhelming coconut flavor, but besides that pretty bland. Not my fav.

Coconut Cream Yogurt | #WIAW | Keep it Real Clean


Okay, this was a mistake, but I made Chicken Pad Thai…ie. the same dinner that I made for my last #WIAW. Whoops! I had planned 3 dinners earlier in the week and somehow ended up with the same dinner tonight, but honestly..its so good it was worth it! Also, not the best picture because we were STARVING. Yes, I took about 5 bites prior to this picture

Chicken Pad Thai | #WIAW | Keep it Real Clean


YES. FINALLY. I finally got back to my workouts this week, including a 3 mile run on Tuesday! Thank god for the cold gear I got from Santa! 😉


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