Resolution #1: Vegan Trial

Hi all! So last year on January 6th, I started a food challenge that actually flipped my eating routine upside down. I had always tried to eat healthy and make good choices, including cutting out processed foods, increasing the amount of organic fruits and vegetables according to the dirty dozen, but it wasn’t until I completed the Whole 30 did I really start to truly investigate how my body reacted to certain foods. A few years ago, I started to incorporate meat back into my diet after years of vegetarianism. One of the major reasons that I started to incorporate meat and other animal products was because I started to feel like in a search to find things easily available I was adding more faux meats and therefore incorporating more processed foods. In an effort to decrease processed foods, I started to add in meats that were locally found and humanely farmed. For a while I was able to sustain that, but it was definitely expensive, especially when I started cooking more for my boyfriend. (really though…how much do boys need to eat??).

Keep it Real Clean

Although I don’t have plans to sustain a vegan lifestyle for long duration at this time, I would like to challenge myself to trial a vegan lifestyle starting in January. Considering the effects a diet high in meat (as well as highly processed foods) impacts the environment I would like to incorporate more meat free meals into our dinner repertoire. Not only would I like to incorporate more meat free meals for environmental and humane efforts, I’m hoping that it helps me to once again expand my cooking skills.

My goals are to:

  • Expand my ability to cook meals without a meat as the main protein source
  • Explore new cooking techniques
  • Determine if foods (such as dairy) cause reactions in my body
  • Locate more meat free options at restaurants

I’m planning to complete a 14 day trial starting on January 5th and will be documenting the whole trial. Make sure to keep up with meals! Also, anyone want to join? Let me know!

Keep it Real Clean


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