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Happy Tuesday all! Just wanted to pop in and tell you all about an awesome FREE app that I’ve been using a whole bunch this holiday season. Up until November 24th, I was GUNG HO about running and pretty much planned my life around the running schedule. So pretty much this was my life: “Happy hour?” “Nope, I need to do 7 miles. See YA!” Now? “Happy hour?” “YUP. But can we only drink champagne?” What? I like holidays okay? Unfortunately, December has been tough for the workouts, but recently I started incorporating a new at home workout for the days that are tough on time (aka those days that fun outweighs the workout).

City Fit Girls | Keep it Real Clean


Kiera Smalls, Co-founder of City Fit Girls

I recently saw the Nike Training Club app from my friends at City Fit Girls and decided I might as well download it since it was free. Turns out its awesome! Don’t be fooled by the fact that its free. Its an awesome inclusive app that allows you create and customize an at home workout. It provides a weekly workout schedule, videos of each move, and syncs with your music so that you can customize your workout! It definitely comes in handy for those nights that you may eat one too many sugar cookies and need a little calorie burner at 11pm. (Not spoken from experience or anything :-) ). I was definitely sore for a few days after the first workout! Hope you like it!

Nike Training Club| Keep it Real Clean

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