December motivation: Skip the workout?

Lately, I’ve been dragging. Can’t lie we’ve been super busy pretty much every weekend and a good portion of weekday nights. Granted, for the most part its been fun stuff, holiday parties, birthday celebrations…but regardless then you add that on top of your already weekly obligations of cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc. I’ve definitely been taking the approach of enjoying the holiday season and tabling obligations like house work, but even so. My body is feeling it.

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When training for my half marathon, I was running 3-4 days, cross training and doing yoga every week. Then, November 24th hit, I completed my race. Granted I gave myself a slight break for the week after the race where I ran 2 short runs, went to a cycling glass and did a few gentle yoga sequences…then it was December and boom, to the back burner. I tried to stick with the workouts, but each week something came up or the weather was actually too terrible to run outside and there was no way I could make a workout class due to my work schedule.

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I have spoken to a bunch of my friends about how I feel soo blah¬†recently and the most frequent response?¬†Its just this time of the year! Wait for January, then you can work out again. But, I’m not sure I can do that. Not so sure I can wait another 2 weeks to feel better. Its not just about being thin or toned, but about being and feeling healthy. For me, its about balance and stress relief. Not only do I sleep worlds better, but I think clearer, am more productive throughout the day, and in general feel more connected to myself.

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This weekend I was looking around for classes I could squeeze in between random social obligations and my work schedule while still attempting to create and maintain some normalcy at home. I realized basically that wasn’t going to happen. Unless there was some miracle class that started at 7:30 (and ended at 7:35pm :-) ) but somehow managed to give me an amazing workout and still allowed me to make it home, eat dinner, and shower before jumping into bed.

Keep it Real Clean | Workout Motivation

So, how about you? What are your thoughts on December? Just a bust or do you try to own it?
Anyone else feel like its not just about the workout?

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