Weekly Mantra: Blessing versus Stressing

Happy Sunday all! So, here we are 10 days away from Christmas Eve. I know what you’re thinking…I need to STOP reading and START shopping. I think for me this year, perhaps more than other past years, I’ve definitely felt the the stress of the holiday season. In the beginning of the season, looking at the calendar was slightlyyy daunting, although fun to have a bunch going on when you think about the fact that you also have to add in the regular household, life maintenance things…like going to the grocery store, washing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, fitting in workouts, etc. I started feeling the Ughh feeling right after finishing Thanksgiving dinner, but by December 1st I was already drained. I decided to stop and counteract the stress. I whipped up a “To do” list and started getting going. Within 1 day, I finished about 90% of our Christmas shopping, decorated our house, figured out our “social” calendar, and figured out what should be tabled for the list for January. So for today’s weekly mantra, just remember the whole reason for the season. I realized the need to step back, enjoy the blessings of being with family and friends and happiness and warmth of the month. After all, what other month can you justify wearing pajamas around all day, singing “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” all day every day, and drinking eggnog for breakfast throughout the month (unless you’re my fiance…) 😉

Keep it Real Clean| Stop stressing.

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