#WIAW: Office land mines…treats.

Hi All! Happy Wednesday! Gosh, I hope whereever you are isn’t as cold as it is in Philly. Today was one of those days that it was BONE CHILLING cold. I think all of December is full of land mines of treats. Seriously, its like wherever you turn there’s something chocolate covered, topped with sprinkles or rolled in powered sugar. Can’t lie. Today was a day of land mines, so much so that I think next week I’m going to give up sugar.

WIAW: Treats galore. | Keep it Real Clean

Breakfast: This morning I woke up before my alarm, why? NO idea. But I decided to use the extra time to savor my cup of coffee and whip up some eggs in the CUTEST pan in the whole world. I mean, did you see that cute little egghead handle? Amaaaazzinggg.

WIAW: Treats galore. | Keep it Real Clean

Snacks? When I got to work we had a little breakfast gathering for a new person. I guess this is more or less my morning snack? But I split a doughnut with one of my coworkers. Another coworker looked at me and said, “What?! YOU are eating a doughnut?” Shocking people left and right. Later on mid morning, I had a small clementine in between seeing patients.

WIAW: Treats galore. | Keep it Real Clean

Lunch:  All week I’ve been making this awesome, super easy kale salad. I whipped up some cooked chicken on Monday afternoon to be able to use for meals throughout the week. I topped some fresh kale with blueberries, chopped chicken, and toasted almonds. For the dressing, I used a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a little taste of ginger. I also had some hummus and pretzels on the side.

WIAW: Treats galore. | Keep it Real Clean

Snacks: Our office is also the hub of all treats. We seriously have a table that was COVERED today. There were boxes of doughnuts on top of danishes on top of a cake next to boxes of cookies. Really? Man oh man. Luckily in the morning, I just grabbed one of the clementines from the pile, but by mid afternoon a little slice of cake may or may not have gotten near me. One will never know how that happened.

Dinner: I used some of the leftover chicken and decided to whip up a thai inspired dinner. It was amazing and lovely since my fiance and I had our first date at a thai restaurant its also a fun recipe to play around with. Don’t mind me…just reminiscing over here :-) The recipe came from  Creme de la Crumb and I highlyy recommend trying it out. Since I was using what we had on hand I subbed in some fresh kale for the bean sprouts and omitted the onion. I also subbed maple syrup for the sugar. Can’t wait for lunch leftovers! YUM.

Easy Dinner| Chicken Pad Thai| Keep it Real Clean

What were your daily eats? Anything great?

Do you have any tricks (like whipping up bulk chicken) to help you prep cook for dinners or lunches?


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2 comments on “#WIAW: Office land mines…treats.
  1. Sam@PursuitofHealthyHappiness.com says:

    I totally get all the sweets at the office! I’m in the same boat. I keep a container of pumpkin seeds, cocoa nibs, and gogi berries at my desk so whether I crave salty, chocolates, or sweets, I have something healthy to fall back on.

    I meal plan all of my dinners each week and make double so I have leftovers for lunch the next day. For me, that’s the easiest and quickest way to be prepared.

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