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Hey all! How’s your week so far? My week is starting a wee bit late since I had today off which was lovely. We spent the day doing great things to celebrate my birthday. Amazing how your perception of a great birthday changes each year, but more on that later! I wanted to share a link up that I saw on my friend Janelle’s blog Run With No Regrets since this is something that I swear each week takes me wayyy too long to figure out…whats for dinner! I am linking up with Jill Conyers and Laura of Mommy Run Fast for What’s for Dinner.


Monday: Today involved quite a few snacks during the day so we both just had a few leftovers from home for dinner and then split a cupcake for my birthday!

Tuesday: I’m planning  to run the Shake Shack Track an Field (Remember this?), but the weather is looking a little iffy. I grabbed some chicken and plan to whip up something on whim if need be

Wednesday: My fiance surprised me and signed us up for a 5k this weekend which will be great, but he may need a little practice this week. Planning to do a little run this week and then warm up with leftover chili for dinner!

Thursday: Found a great recipe on for Chicken Pad Thai. Planning to try it out on Thursday for dinner! Buttttt, I did just get a happy hour invite, so it may be tabled for next week 😉

What about you? What’s for dinner this week?

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4 comments on “Meals for the week! Link up
  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Yay!! I love this linkup because I often find new ideas on recipes! Hopefully it’ll help you stay on track too! Happy belated birthday!

  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Thanks for linking up! The Chicken Pad Thai sounds so good… i don’t think I’ve ever tried making it at home. Have a great week!

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      Thanks Laura! Yeah, I have been making a few variations, but haven’t made it in a bit. This recipe was an inspiration. I’ll post it soon!!

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