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Ever feel like you go to a restaurant only to realize that there’s nothing you eat on the menu? I feel like I constantly get stuck when trying to order from a menu that moderately sticks within my guidelines. Can’t lie, definitely those days where I forgo some “rules” and get pizza (obviously), but for the most part I try to stick with my healthy choices. Follow this series for a peak into some highlighted Philadelphia restaurants for Clean Eats!

Clean Eats Philly | Eating Clean in Philadelphia | Keep it Real Clean

I stopped into P.S. & Co when I was on my way home from running some errands. I have walked by a bunch, but hadn’t stopped in before today. I wanted to grab something small for lunch that I could home, considering my hands were full of groceries that needed to be put away. I had looked at reviews online previously so I was aware that the restaurant is vegan and gluten free. I was not aware of how adorable it was inside.

Clean Eats Philly | Eating Clean in Philadelphia | Keep it Real Clean

I looked at the menu, which I can’t lie is somewhat limited, however they do consider themselves more of a bakery cafe versus a full restaurant which explains the brevity of the menu. I believe they have more listed on the menu than what was available in the shop that day . One reason for this is that they choose local and organic ingredients which can impact the availability on a given day. I can get behind that!

Clean Eats Philly | Eating Clean in Philadelphia | Keep it Real Clean

I decided to get a soup since it was a little bit chilly outside and I was just looking for something small. A few of the salads and wraps looked really good, but the prices were a slight bit discouraging. I picked the  Harvest Vegetable Lentil soup, which was a mix of pumpkin, butternut squash, lentils and a mixture of other local, seasonal vegetables. I also grabbed a drink that was a mixture of lemon and mint. (I have a strange affinity for lemonade <3).

Clean Eats Philly | Eating Clean in Philadelphia | Keep it Real Clean

I can’t lie. I was a slight bit surprised at the final tab. $18, eek! I realize that the fresh squeezed juices are definitely pricey since they are so laborious and require a whole bunch of produce, not to mention this was all organic. The juice was amazing though. I took my lunch home and chowed down. Overall, this P.S. & Co was a good place to grab a bite. The menu is definitely limited so it may not be the best place for those that are pretty picky, but it does offer quite a few choices for those that follow a vegan and gluten free diet. Also, the price tag could definitely be a deterrent for many; however just remember you are paying for the quality of this local, organic food. If nothing at all, just stop in drink one of the juices and asborb the cuteness of this restaurant! I definitely will be back!

Clean Eats Philly | Eating Clean in Philadelphia | Keep it Real Clean

This is not a sponsored posts. A restaurant or location is able to request to be added to this list;
however all opinions are and will always be my own.

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