#WIAW: Treats!

Happy Wednesday! Back again for another #WIAW.



This morning I could NOT get out of bed. I swear I hit snooze 5 times. Bad news. I finally convinced myself to get out of bed by bribing myself with coffee. I flipped on the coffee pot, tossed a bagel in the toaster and started getting ready. Despite my extra zzz’s this morning I still took a few minutes to check my blogroll on Bloglovin’ quick! I use it to keep up with all of the blogs I read. ¬†Best part is, you get an email each morning with an overview of every post.

#WIAW: Treats! |Keep it Real Clean


For lunch, I had the chili I made on Sunday topped with avocado. If you haven’t tried it, do it. You’re missing out! So good! I also had some blueberries on the side. After lunch, I was DESPERATE for something sweet so a coworker and I shared a dark chocolate bar. YUM.

#WIAW: Treats! |Keep it Real Clean


By 7pm when I was getting ready to go for a run after work I was totally starving and actually debating skipping my run in favor of getting home to make dinner, but my coworker gave me a few of these homemade oatmeal balls that she made. OMG. So good! I need to get the recipe! I’ll be sure to post it ASAP.

#WIAW: Treats! |Keep it Real Clean


I made it home a little before 8 after our 3 mile run and immediately started tossing together dinner. While the chicken sausage and sweet potatoes cooked, I put together a quick salad of spinach and red peppers.

#WIAW: Treats! |Keep it Real Clean


Lately, I have had majorrr cravings for chocolate milk, especially on the days that I run. I have been on a search for some chocolate that wasn’t full of a bunch of fake ingredients that were impossible to pronounce. This one is pretty good! Only ingredient that may be questionable is xanthan gum, but the jury is still out on that for me.

#WIAW: Treats! |Keep it Real Clean

What about you? Anything good?
On a side, how do you keep up with the blogs that you may read?


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