Week of Meals: Back to the grind.

Umph. This Monday seems to be hitting a little harder than other Mondays. We had a great weekend outside of the city staying with my fiance’s family. Although I didn’t have any additional days off, as I had to work Thanksgiving, the change of pace at work, and being around friends and family, definitely made it feel like a vacation. Never a bad thing when the weekend feels longer, but man, does Monday feel tough. We got home yesterday morning and I BUSTED out all of my Christmas shopping, well, not 100%, but a huge portion is done and a major stress off my shoulders. While I was feverishly online shopping I was also working on meal planning for the week and setting up lunches. Here’s our weekly plan!

Week of Meals| Keep it Real Clean

Sunday: Salmon with spinach and rice. Nice and light dinner to get back to the grind of eating light. I can’t lie. My stomach is definitely slightly accustomed to eating a little bit more since after I finished dinner I was still starting to think about what else we might have poking around.

Monday: Chili with avocado. I whipped up some chili for lunches for the week, but since I plan to get back to the workouts again regularly tonight I wanted to use it for dinner tonight to save myself a step.

Tuesday: Chicken sausage, kale and sweet potatoes. I had made this last week for lunches, but since I only had it 2 days I still have chicken sausage I need to use. Also, I plan to get to a yoga class after work so this will be easy when I walk in the door at 8:30!

Week of Meals| Keep it Real Clean

Wednesday: Shrimp tacos. Yup, back to the tacos as well. My fiance has been on a taco hiatus recently since he was feeling too well for a bit, but he has assured me that his body is ready for tacos. :-) I typically do the shells for him and the toppings over a bed of spinach for me. Easy way for us both to get what we like!

Thursday: My sister is in town! I have to pick her up after work on Thursday a the train so I’m planning on us stopping by a place walking distance from the house to grab dinner. Just one of the many reasons I love living in the city!

Weekly lunches: While I was cooking the salmon for the week I had a pot of chili simmering away for lunches (and dinner on Monday!) cooking away. Although it was super tempting to be smelling the chili spices while cooking, chili is wayyy better the next day (and days after!) you make it so Monday night dinner and Tuesday-Thursday lunches. Monday I’m going to grab a salad at work.

Breakfast: Also back to the smoothie grind. I picked up some more frozen fruit last week so we would be stocked up. My stomach definitely needs a reset!
Week of Meals| Keep it Real Clean

Well, it’s definitely reassuring to have the week of dinners and workouts planned for the week. Let’s just hope it smooth sailing getting back into the thick of work!

Hope you all have a smooth start to your week!

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2 comments on “Week of Meals: Back to the grind.
  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Sounds like a great week! Ugh, I still haven’t planned out the week yet. I need to get back on the smoothie train!

    • Colleen O'Connor says:

      Thanks girl! Gosh, I get stuck in ruts with smoothies. I drink them for a bit and then back out, but I’m fine with a little variety. Just nice to have the pieces I can pull if I like!

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