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Countdown to the New Year!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: My first Half marathon | Keep it Real Clean As 2014 comes to an end, I wanted to take a minute to recap all of the great things I was so fortunate to be a part of this past year. This year was packed full of so many amazing and awesome things…including starting new friendships, joining City Fit Girls, cooking up some awesome new foods, beginning a new running hobby…oh, right and STARTING THIS BLOG. Just a few little things 😉

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#WIAW: Back on track

Cold pressed coffee | #WIAW | Keep it Real Clean Hi all! Decided to do a #WIAW: Tuesday Edition this week since tomorrow I wanted to write about my year! After all its been a great year! But, back to #WIAW…despite Christmas being over the office doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo since its still crawling in sprinkles and sugar, but I made a big effort to avoid it all and amazingly get in my workout! Hooray for 2 workouts so far this week!

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Vegan Trial: Gearing Up!

FullSizeRender (33) Hey all! So as I mentioned last week, on January 5th I’m planning to complete a Vegan Trial for 14 days. In order to gear up for my challenge I’ve started to put together my meal plan. Each week, typically on Sunday, I sit down and make a meal plan for the week. I write out 3 breakfast options, 2-3 snack options, 2-3 lunch options and about 5 dinners. Sometimes I will directly plan the days, and others I just make sure to have all of the ingredients ready so I can toss together the meals whenever we decide to trial.

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Weekly Mantra: Take time.

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.| Relax and Restore| Keep it Real Clean Good Morning and Happy Sunday! We have just returned from a few whirlwind days in Upstate New York. I didn’t even realize we were constantly moving from place to place until my fiance said, “Can we stay for dinner tonight? We haven’t in 4 days!” Whoops! #badwife. So needless to say, this week will be a transition back to “real life”

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Resolution #1: Vegan Trial

Vegan Trial | Keep it Real CLean Hi all! So last year on January 6th, I started a food challenge that actually flipped my eating routine upside down. I had always tried to eat healthy and make good choices, including cutting out processed foods, increasing the amount of organic fruits and vegetables according to the dirty dozen, but it wasn’t until I completed the Whole 30 did I really start to truly investigate how my body reacted to certain foods. A few years ago, I started to incorporate meat back into my diet after years of vegetarianism. One of the major reasons that I started to incorporate meat and other animal products was because I started to feel like in a search to find things easily available

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas | Keep it Real Clean Good Morning all! I just wanted to pop in to tell you all to have a wonderful Christmas! I hope everyone’s day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, is wonderful. Thank you for all you have helped me to accomplish this year! I look forward to a year of new challenges, changes, and accomplishments from not only myself, but all of you wonderful readers. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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Keeping it moving: Nike Training App

Nike Training Club| Keep it Real Clean Happy Tuesday all! Just wanted to pop in and tell you all about an awesome FREE app that I’ve been using a whole bunch this holiday season. Up until November 24th, I was GUNG HO about running and pretty much planned my life around the running schedule. So pretty much this was my life: “Happy hour?” “Nope, I need to do 7 miles. See YA!” Now? “Happy hour?” “YUP. But can we only drink champagne?” What? I like holidays okay? Unfortunately, December has been tough for the workouts, but recently I started incorporating a new at home workout for the days that are tough on time (aka those days that fun outweighs the workout).

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Weekly Mantra: You’re sweet.

Eat less sugar. {You're sweet enough already.} | Keep it Real Clean Happy Sunday all! Just a quick check in for a reminder this holiday season. As we head into the season of sugar, it can be incredibly easy to just go big. My motto this season has been to stick with the healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinners and then do the occasional holiday indulge. Yes, you could be that person that avoids it all, but honestly…sometimes you just need to go with what makes you happy and that one sugar cookie (or 3) is not going to be the one thing that pushes you away from your goal.

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