Friday Favorites: The simple holiday gifts under $25

Happy belated Thanksgiving all! Hope you were fortunate to be able to celebrate the day with family and FOOD. I love Thanksgiving because its the real start to the holiday season….and now that Thanksgiving has had its day it’s totallyyy acceptable to only listen to Christmas music for the next 26 days, 12 hours, and 12 minutes…Or something like that 😉 I can’t wait to cover our house in glitter and tinsel and lights and make only Christmas cookies for the next month. Sorry. I’ll back it up, but as you may have guessed. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. One thing that I don’t always love? Shopping for Christmas presents. Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE giving gifts to friends and family, especially when you’re so sure you found the absolute perfect gift, but I can’t lie. Being at the mall on a Saturday in December is not my favorite thing to do.

Keep it Real Clean|Holiday Gifts

I’m definitely not one to have clutter at our house, but I do love to have some fun accessories to dress up the day to day. I wanted to share a few of my favorites that I found online. Some of them are tried and true by yours truly, but most are just things that look wonderfully awesome based solely on my web surfing expertise. Here are only a few, but I’ll be sharing a few throughout the month. Time to get shopping!

Bath and Body works| EUCALYPTUS MINT| Keep it Real Clean: Holiday gifts

Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Mint candle:

Want to know exactly what our smells like? Here it is. Air fresheners, candles, hand soap and lotions, Bath and Body works makes it …we have it. The candles are by far my favorite though. Okay, I know what you’re thinking…A candle? So basic and boring. False. This candle smells like heaven and is amazing in any season. It has that fresh, not overwelhming smell, but also is comfy and inviting all in one. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. I have to give my future mother-in-law credit for this one, but amazing.

Price: $22.50



Cwonder stopper| Keep it Real Clean| Holiday gifts


C.Wonder Stag Bottle Stopper:

Who doesn’t like a nice bottle of wine for the holidays? Want to step it up a bit? Give a pretty  bottle stopper with a nice bottle of wine and boom. You have a show stopper (see what I did there?). I love this super cute Stag stopper from C.Wonder. Not only would it be cute for the holiday season, but all year long. Gold is totally my jam.

Price: $24




Anthropologie| Keep it Real Clean| Joles Coasters



Anthropologie Joles Coasters:

How cute are these? I love the colors and the geometric pattern. Its a great pattern for all seasons. Small enough to stash away, but bright enough to add some fun happy colors to your entertaining. These would be a super cute hostess gift!

Price: $8/coaster





Whats your shopping style? Hitting up sales online or braving the crowds and heading to the stores?

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