Operation Motivate: 7 miles!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is all pumped up for a fun week ahead. I for one am superrrr excited for this week considering its the LAST.WEEK.BEFORE.THE.HALF. YAYY! Not only am I excited to get out and do this race to prove to myself that I can do it, but I would say I’m actually pretty pumped to be able to take a slight, semi step back from running so much. First of all, I would like to start that by saying I never would have considered myself a runner…until about 6 months ago…now? Oh, I am totally a runner. Heyyy girl heyy. SO, with all of that being said considering that I have been running on average 3-4 times weekly for the last 15 weeks I’m ready to take a set back and hop into a little variety in my workouts. Maybe get back to cycling? join into a bootcamp? or *fingers crossed* join a pool to be able to swim laps? Not sure what the next few months will bring, but I know for sure I’ll be looking for some variety…while keeping up with running at least 2-3 times weekly! Hoping to find a great winter run to do to keep up my endurance, but maybe not a half marathon distance!

photo 4 (1) Welp, with all that being said…still 7 days until I get to do my thangg. Since this week begins my taper week Saturday was supposed to be a 7 mile run…well, Saturday came and went. Yes, we did a bunch of laundry (like 3 weeks worth, whoopsiess!) and did a few things around the house, but somehow the run didn’t make the “to do” list. Lucky for me, Kiera, the Co-founder of City Fit Girls, sent me a message on Saturday night to join City Sports for a Group Run…8 miles at 8am. Definitely wasn’t pumped about the start time, but since I really needed to get my run in I figured it would be some awesome motivation to finish my distance. Sunday morning I woke up, reconsidered..but then snapped out of it and put on about 27 layers to combat the 35 degree weather then headed out the door to meet Kiera.

City Fit Girls

And gosh, was I glad I went. Not only was it a great run with lots of other runs to help motivate you, but there was also a bunch of run giveaways and a quick talk about nutrition for before, during, and after the race. It totally helped me to be aware of all of the things I need to start thinking about for after the half. I’m super glad I have the day off after the race to recover…maybe I need to book a massage..thoughts? As for this post run recovery, it involved this yummy bowl of eggs with salsa and avocado. easy peasy and ridiculously yummy.

What do you do for recovery?

Any tips for nutrition? I’m not one for the blocks and supplements based solely on lack of experience and won’t start for this race, but what about you? Next time?

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4 comments on “Operation Motivate: 7 miles!
  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Yay for taper time! I know that Philly Marathon had Gu when I was there a couple of years ago, so if you plan to try it during the race, I’d sample some before the big day! I know there are jelly-beans too, my friend uses those, and they seem less risky!

    I used Clif Shotbloks in Strawberry to train, they were never a problem for me, but I started practicing with them a few weeks in advance.

    So excited for you! We’ll be cheering you on next Sunday!

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