THE BIG 10: Half Marathon Training so far

Ehh, Monday. Can’t lie. Not happy its Monday. I totally think when your weekend is great it makes Monday that much more blah. So, with that being said…we had a great weekend! We made our way up to Upstate NY to check out a few wedding venues, eat pizza  see my family, and visit our Alma mater. Such a fun weekend! Can I go back to college??? At least I got to keep a souvenir…

image (1)

Anyways, before we hit the road on Friday I got in my last long run before the half marathon! Can’t lie. When I first added the 10 mile run to my race calendar I thought I would be dying the whole time and just waiting for it to be over, but I was happily wrong throughout the run. I met with my friend and we headed out to our typical spot on the Schuylkill Trail…we have yet to venture beyond our typical run route ever since our scary run, but we did decide to mix it up a wee bit this time and instead of running a loop we turned back on the trail at the 5 mile mark. The river was so gorgeous and the trees were so amazingly beautiful! I wish I had taken pictures…but my hands may or may not have been too frozen to open. Um. whats up with the weather. Lets not do this whole “winter” thing this year. Ok?


All in all. I was so excited that I finished my 10 miles despite the cold…and amazingly…WAS STILL ALIVE and actually, still felt like I could keep running! I’m getting really excited for the half marathon and definitely planning to go on a slight shopping “spree” for some cold girl so I don’t turn into a popsicle during my half marathon. Totally would LOVE some advice if anyone has any ideas for what to wear for this half marathon… do I need to layer? just go only with a cold gear base? HELP!!!

10 miles

Also…when I was home I saw this stuff. WHAT. THE. HECK. But, don’t my parents live in the prettiest place ever? YES.

Wait, winter?

Hope your weekend displaced your Monday too! 😉
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