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Weekly Mantra: To do.

Keep it Real Clean| Weekly mantra| Get Sleep, eat clean, drink water, exercise, repeat. Happy Sunday all! Time to recover from the week day of celebrations. Its so easy to slide into the Holiday season right after Thanksgiving…one extra glass of wine here, one extra slice of pie…with ice cream, etc. I’m a firm believer of living in the moment and enjoying each minute, especially when it involves family and friends; however there’s also always a celebration and always a reason to go big.

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Friday Favorites: The simple holiday gifts under $25

Keep it Real Clean|Holiday Gifts Happy belated Thanksgiving all! Hope you were fortunate to be able to celebrate the day with family and FOOD. I love Thanksgiving because its the real start to the holiday season….and now that Thanksgiving has had its day it’s totallyyy acceptable to only listen to Christmas music for the next 26 days, 12 hours, and 12 minutes…Or something like that 😉 I can’t wait to cover our house in glitter and tinsel and lights and make only Christmas cookies for the next month. Sorry. I’ll back it up, but as you may have guessed. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

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#WIAW: Cleaning out the fridge

#WIAW: Pre Thanksgiving! | Keep it Real Clean Hey all! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Hope everyone in PA has managed to get home safely in this icky weather. I’m definitely lucky, despite being FROZEN, to be able to walk to and from work on days like today. So glad I washed my boots so I could splash through the puddles walk to work this morning. We are getting ready to head out for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, but I wanted to share with you my pre-thanksgiving eats. I tried to keep things pretty simple today since we’re going away this weekend and the fridge is looking a little empty. I try to use up most fresh produce and dairy products before we head out for a few days.

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Breakfast for a week!: Blueberry Oatmeal Quinoa Bake

Breakfast for a week!: Blueberry Oatmeal Quinoa Bake | Keep it Real Clean Happy Wednesday! Whoop whoop! Not like a typical hump day. TGITWBT, am I right? Oh, you didn’t know that meant thank god its the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Sorry, I may or not be getting a little weird this week. Anyways, I wanted to share a recipe with you just in case you’re feeling fancy in the morning and want to whip up something for breakfast for the fam on Thanksgiving. This recipe is also great for a week of breakfasts! Eat it up! I whipped up a batch this week for an early work meeting and it was gone before 9am. Good sign, right?

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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: My first Half marathon | Keep it Real Clean BOOM. Check! Cross! X! I can finally cross it off my bucket list! I completed my first half marathon and it was AMAZING. I’m still sore. And from everything I read and from all of those that I speak to regarding the post run process I can expect to be sore, and relatively fatigued for about a week. Sounds silly, but I was totally not expecting that. No 13.1 miles can’t just be a causal Sunday run? Oh, okay.

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Meals for the Week: Thankful for a 2 day week!

Meals for the Week: Thankful for a 2 day week! | Weekly Meal Plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Easy enough to make when short on time. | Keep it Real Clean Happy Monday! Since I have a pretty physical job and because this was my first half I wasn’t sure how I would feel I had planned to take today off and I although I was happy to have the day off I actually felt pretty good..minus walking up stairs. those. were. the. worst. I spent the day doing laundry and prepping meals for the week. Silly that that’s how I spend my day off, huh? Sometimes I just really love having a day to pull myself together, especially with the holiday season starting!

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Weekly Mantra: Do it.

Keep it Real Clean| Believe in yourself Hope your Sunday is restful and relaxing. I just finished my half marathon (whoop whoop!) and I’m enjoying a day of relaxation (and watching Bravo). I’m planning to do a full review of the race this week, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a quote with you that I think totally sums up how I’m feeling today. A year ago I made a bucket list. I tossed on random things that I wanted to accomplish, but most of those items were things that I thought of more as hobbies, or something fun. I struggled if I wanted to really add it, but then I figured might as well. Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually accomplish a half marathon. But then, I got real. Why couldn’t I do it? Why not?

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Quick Breakfast: Banana Oatmeal QUICK Mug cake

Banana Oatmeal QUICK Mug cake| Keep it Real Clean Itsss fridddddayyyy, fridayyyy. Okay, sorry Rebecca Black moment for a second there…and I’m back. So, I’m heading out to go pick up my race bib and check out the race expo, but I needed something lovely and QUICK for breakfast. Naturally, I went with my go-to breakfast. Eggs. Oh wait? I haven’t done dishes in 5 days? Oh, I don’t have pans? Oh…plan B! Mug cake! I whipped up this AMAZING mug cake which was inspired by the Blogilate’s recipe. Here’s my variation!

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