Hi friends!! I’M BACKKK. Sorry for the brief hiatus. I knew I would be a little MIA since we were taking a trip to Miami, but had still planned to write a few posts while I was gone…but everything was a little derailed when I got home from work on Tuesday night. I was super busy at work all day and got home late. I was a little stressed with the idea of finishing all of my work, getting work coverage on top of packing and getting our house together before we left…but then, it all didn’t matter because… engaged!


It was the best surprise ever and made our trip, despite the rainy weather, absolutely amazing.   We’re so excited to be able to celebrate with our families and I’m pumped for some DIY. Yes, I will be THAT bride.

Anyways…I just wanted to share a few pictures from our trip and let you all know I’ll be back in full effect next week!

image (3)

Just hanging by the pool enjoying some good reads and some super sunscreen. Can’t mess around with that SPF 8 or 15 with my irish skin! We both switched to SPF 50 later in the trip! I still managed to actually get some color without too much of a pink tone! Go me!!

image (5)

We may or may not have enjoyed a few drinks by the poolside. Honestly, there is something amazing about a frozen drink when its hot. Wow. The fiance (hehe) said we need to make it a resolution to make more frozen drinks this year at home. I mean, okay, done.

photo 3

The whole trip we enjoyed some awesome food. The cuban food in Miami is so yummy and was totally inspiring for some fun new recipes. Keep an eye out for them!

photo 2

Also, we took the liberty to celebrate our engagement throughout the entire trip. We even got a special bottle of champagne gifted to us from my fiance’s work.

image (2)

On Sunday, when we came home and got to celebrate with my fiance’s parents and was gifted some wedding magazines! Although, I’m super excited to start looking at wedding things the magazines are still hanging out on our table…I’m a little nervous to jump in!

So, for any of you recently married brides…any advice?

Or, are anyone in the same boat? When should I start to look?

Please help a girl out!!!

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2 comments on “Updates!
  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Congratulations!!! The ring is beautiful and you look so happy!

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