#WIAW 2: The day I ate only arugula

Today will forever be known as, “THE DAY I ATE ONLY ARUGULA”….Okay, not really, but I did eat almost my entire bag of arugula from my CSA share this week. Here it is…round 2 of my “What I ate Wednesday”. Check out my first WIAW here. Also, just a reminder once you check out what I ate today, head over to  Peas and Crayons to check out others food recaps from their day. YUM!



This week has been killer for being wiped out. Not sure if it was because of our busy weekend or maybe the rainy weather, but all week has been a snooze after snooze followed by scraping myself out of bed to push the button on the coffee pot. I’ve been trying to listen to my body more to give myself rest days and get into bed earlier! While I drank my coffee this morning I cooked some eggs with arugula and red pepper. I ended up tossing it into a container, topped with avocado and brought to the office to eat while I prepped for the day.




I have been trying to get a little more protein and overall volume into my breakfast meals in order to cut out a morning snack. For the most part I don’t really have the time to take a break and snack and even if I do I would rather use that time to drink some more water than need to snack. Also, now that I have been eating breakfast at work its really only a few hours in between breakfast and lunch. For lunch, I ate… you guessed it…more arugula…this time topped with cooked chicken sausage and mushrooms with a little balsamic vinegar. I also snacked on a little fruit that I ended up finishing up for a snack in the afternoon.



Since I work 10 hour shifts and typically am out of the house for at least 12-14 hours per day I typically need to eat a snack around 4:30/5pm in order to give me a little boost for the remainder of my day and my workout after work. Today I had leftover fruit from lunch…grapes and pineapple with a little smattering of sunflower seeds. I also had some chocolate coconut milk. LOVE.




Today we actually cooked the fastest dinner ever. 14 minutes in total. I whipped up some chicken and peppers and topped some arugula. The boyfriend had the chicken in tacos (naturally). I also topped the salad and the tacos with some fresh salsa verde. Amazing.  Sometimes the easiest dinners are the best. After dinner, I had a little scoop of some yogurt from our CSA. I topped the yogurt with walnuts, flax and chia. YUM.



Or should I say lack there of…I was all gung-ho for my run. I had everything all packed up, etc. And then. the. rain. hit. We already run later at night which has its dangers…but adding in rain and thunder and lightening? Nope. Sorry. Not happening. We decided to shift plans and hit up a yoga class instead. Checked the schedule..great 7:45pm class? Lovely. We made plans to head out and grab my mat and change our clothes. We headed out with plenty of time to get there, got to the car, and naturally the car wouldn’t start. After 30 minutes of messing around with the car we were on our way out and realized we needed to be at the class in 15 minutes. Grabbing our stuff, changing our clothes and parking within 15? Not happening. The world was telling us we needed a rest day so we decided to take it and head home. Such is life!

Hope you enjoyed round 2! How about that workout though…what would you have done?

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