Mixing it up!: Week of Workouts October 4-10

Hi Friends! This week was a great mix up of all my workouts. I feel like I really hit an awesome balance of my running with cross training, stretching and REST. Onward!

  • Saturday: Since we were out of town for our friend’s wedding, I hit up the hotel gym to get in a workout in the morning. It kind of makes me miss having gym equipment, but definitely can’t beat running outside when the weather is still nice enough to do it!

Hotel Gym1

  • Sunday: Definitely needed a rest day following the wedding. Enough said. I took a walk over to Gap and used this coupon to hit up the outlet during the Eagles game…anyone who is dating an Eagles fan who’s not a huge fan themselves can understand why sometimes you need to step out of the house during the games.
    Gap Coupon

I got some super cute new workout clothes, a skirt, shoes and a top. LOVE it. One thing I didn’t love? The employees. Not to bad mouth a store, because I understand as I’ve worked in customer service before that sometimes it can be tough to just suck it up and smile, but they were all miserable. I’m considering writing a letter; it really ruined the experience unfortunately.

  • Monday: I originally had planned to run today, but my running buddy wasn’t able to meet up today and wanted to swap our run to Tuesday. I was off on Monday so naturally I should have had plenty of time, but somehow I got caught up running errands, cooking, grocery shopping, organizing and so on… so I ended up doing this workout at 9pm to get a little strengthening in!

Quiet Workout

  • Tuesday: All day long I was wiped out, but somehow managed to get in my 4 miles. We ran on the new Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk which was super nice with a cool breeze for running. There was a pretty good crowd of people running and it still managed to keep a nice flow that wasn’t too congested. Also, they have solar powered lights which is very nice for more evening runs. Ps. sorry my picture is blurry! I was uber hungry and ready to get home for dinner so it was multitasking mode for me…ie. snapping pictures while running

River run

  • Wednesday: A little repeat of my Tuesday run along the river. Another 4 mile run, but tonight I was definitely more invigorated and ready to go! I ended the run with a a quick yoga sequence at home to stretttchhh it out. These pics were a tinyy intsy bit better. Great hill workout, can you tell?!?
    Riverwalk 2
  • Thursday: Well, the plan was a Yoga class, but I woke up feeling pretty wiped out from my week and possibly from the night prior…Also, I had an awesome opportunity to participate in a a dinner by sweetgreen featuring their newest items for the upcoming fall menu. Stay tuned for more about this soon!! Although, I skipped out on my workout I truly think this was what my body and my mind needed. Amazing food, fun with friends, fresh air and a little sip or two (or ten) of wine. It was lovely hanging out with the ladies of City Fit Girls which had put on the awesome Fit Retreat in August!

Sweet green 1

Sweet green 2

  • Friday: Today the plan is for a 9.5 mile Run. We’re headed up to Pennypack to mix up our scenery a little bit. We found it on a list recently published by Be Well Philly naming the “5 Gorgeous Philly-Area Running Trails to See Fall Foliage”. How can you deny that? Afterall, everyone loves a selfie with a beautiful background…and  I’m all about the mid run selfie/portrait shot.

Be well philly

Hope you all had a happy, healthy week and a wonderful weekend!

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