#WIAW: Or What I ate Tuesday

Hey all! So, trying something new today inspired by the blog Peas and Crayons What I Ate Wednesday. Since I wanted to get together a post for you all I decided to go with a WIAW..but really Tuesday edition. Once you check out what I ate today, head over to Peas and Crayons to check out others food recaps from their day. YUM!



I’m all about prepping my meals ahead of time. Its seriously a necessity in my life. I whipped up chocolate banana oatmeal yesterday and then portioned out into jars and topped with some vanilla yogurt. It’ll get me through the week!  You could definitely eat this hot or cold, but this morning I was feeling ultra lazy and needed a little something warm to get me moving. I ended up eating about half for breakfast and then half mid morning. I also seemed to make my coffee last as long. Typically, if I don’t finish it before I head out the door it goes down the sink…but not today. I needed some serious coffee to keep me moving.

Chocolate Banana Oatmeal


For lunch I was in a meeting, but still really enjoyed the chicken and rice soup I threw together this weekend. It was super easy and only took about 45 minutes to cook and most of that was just it simmering away on the stove. I tossed in a bunch of random spices and veggies and it turned out great. Since I had a bunch of arugula leftover from our CSA last week I added it last minute and it really added some nice spice to it! I also had a pear (also from the CSA!)

Chicken & Rice homemade


Around 3pm I had a few green beans and a KIND bar. Oh my gosh. If you haven’t tried the Almond Coconut you’re seriously missing it out. Its awesome! Later on, I was super tempted by some chocolate chip cookies someone brought in…and may or may not have had one…but then diverted the second by eating some carrots.

Snack time!


I went for a 4 mile run after my 10 hour work day and was STARVING when I walked in the door. I threw together a big mess for dinner, but it was awesome. I cooked half an acorn squash and then mixed together with black beans, cooked onions and peppers, a little cheese, avocado and topped with sour cream. Oh gosh. Maybe not the most attractive dinner, but it was good!

Squash Ole!

Now, I’m exhausted and laying in bed…contemplating getting some chocolate, but the kitchen…its so far…and my bed…its so comfortable. Ugh, hard life.

Hope you enjoyed my first #WIAW! How about you? What was on the menu for you today?

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