Hotel Workout: Keeping up with the training plan!

Happy Monday All! This past weekend we went to our friend’s wedding and OH GOSH. It was fun. Amazing amazing. Everyone was gorg and luckily, the weather held out and there was no need for the shiny boots! We had an awesome time!

River Loop_Art Museum

I was a teensy bit nervous about our first weekend away from home since now I’m getting into longer distances. On the gamete for this weekend was an 8.5 mile run and a 40 minute cross training. I knew there was no wayyy I was going to be up for a workout on Sunday after the wedding (let’s be realistic here…) so I knew I need to get creative with my workout schedule. Friday morning, I woke up nice and early, downed a quick breakfast and a little coffee and headed out for my run with my friend. We decided to hit up  the Schuylkill River Trail Loop. 8.5 miles done and 1 planned workout down! After my workout, I jumped in the shower, before heading out the door for a quick appointment before our drive to the wedding.

8 miles down!

Saturday morning, I woke up nice and early…largely because I was SOO excited and also because I had planned to hit up the hotel gym! I snuck out our room without waking up the boyfriend and hit up the gym for a quick workout. The gym was pretty limited, but considering I normally don’t workout in the gym it was still enough to get in a varied workout!

Hotel Gym

I used the elliptical to do a 20 minute circuit workout. Typically, I shy away from the elliptical because I feel like I get caught up in the rhythmic motion and just passively move my legs without actually getting my blood pumping! I followed this elliptical with a few extra intervals and the added strength training from a workout from PopSugar for a full body workout for 40 minutes!

Elliptical Circuit

I know it may seem silly to be so caught up in this training plan that I planned to workout before the wedding, but hey! I paid a good chunk for this race so I want to really commit to doing the best I can to prepare. I’m really proud of myself so far for sticking to my plan and I’m confident my hard work will show! Also, added bonus…no guilt for sipping away cocktails throughout the night!

Ohhh heyyy

Hope you all had a fun weekend!!

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