STRETCHHHH: Yoga for Runners

OH MAN. I. am. sore. Lately, I have definitely been going big with the mileage and amping up my overall workouts and I’m totally feeling it. Likeeee, I woke up from a dream about me trying to find a foam roller this morning…think my body may have been trying to tell me something? We have a busy weekend coming up so I wanted to make sure I still get in my mileage, but I decided tomorrow will definitely be a rest day. Goodness, I never thought it would be this difficult to teach myself to take a rest!

Yoga 2

Recently, I’ve started to look more into active rest days and in particular into yoga. Yoga is super great for runners (and most athletes!) because by stretching your muscles it helps to keep your body flexible which can aid in decreasing your risk of injury and aid in improvements in overall balance and coordination.

Yoga 3

A few years ago I used to do yoga regularly, but since moving and job changes I started to shy away from yoga classes. I had (and still sometimes have!) many obstacles that seemed to get in the way of me participating in a class…whether it was the schedule of classes and my work schedule that wouldn’t mesh, the location of the studio and trying to get there after work or the cost of the class that I just couldn’t swing…the obstacles just seemed to be really squashing my yoga buzz.

Yoga 1

Lately, I’ve been trying to hit up a class when possible, but when I just can’t swing it for one reason or another I’ve been trying to find a good video online to complete. Here are a few I’ve tried recently. I’m still looking for some good ones to try, but let me know what you think!

Fit Sugar Yoga

Runner’s World Yoga

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