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image (1) Hi friends!! I’M BACKKK. Sorry for the brief hiatus. I knew I would be a little MIA since we were taking a trip to Miami, but had still planned to write a few posts while I was gone…but everything was a little derailed when I got home from work on Tuesday night. I was super busy at work all day and got home late. I was a little stressed with the idea of finishing all of my work, getting work coverage on top of packing and getting our house together before we left…but then, it all didn’t matter because…

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Meal Prep Tip: Homemade Laraballs

image Happy Monday! We had quite the busy weekend, but it was soo much fun! Had an amazing surprise birthday party for the boyfriend’s mom…phew glad we can stop hiding that, but so happy it worked so amazingly! Today I wanted to share an awesome recipe I’ve been using to use as a quick, afternoon pickup or breakfast! They are a mix of nuts, dried fruits and coconut. If you’re familiar with Larabars, these are super similar…hence the name..they have the moist, but chewy texture and are super yummy! Try out these yummy Laraballs!

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Running Safety: “The Most Terrifying Run Ever”

Run 5 Good morning! I’m gearing up for my next long run today, but I wanted to wrap up around our last long run at Pennypack Park, which will forever be known as, “the most terrifying run ever”. Okay, it may be a little exaggeration, but it was enough that both my friend and I have vowed we’ll never be headed back to Pennypack Park. So, about 2 weeks ago when we found a list of 5 best fall foliage running spots. Perfect!

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#WIAW 2: The day I ate only arugula

image_7 Today will forever be known as, “THE DAY I ATE ONLY ARUGULA”….Okay, not really, but I did eat almost my entire bag of arugula from my CSA share this week. Here it is…round 2 of my “What I ate Wednesday”. Check out my first WIAW here. Also, just a reminder once you check out what I ate today, head over to  Peas and Crayons to check out others food recaps from their day. YUM!

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Sunday Rest Day

Relax Some days you just need a break. These last few weeks my body was telling me it was time for a break…and did I listen? NOPE. I woke up this morning just thinking about how crazy busy we have been lately, how much I needed to get done today, and how nuts my upcoming week was about to be. The boyfriend went to the game and I headed out to the grocery shopping. My brain was spinning and I just couldn’t seem to figure out what we needed for our meals for this week.

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Mixing it up!: Week of Workouts October 4-10

Hotel Gym1

Hi Friends! This week was a great mix up of all my workouts. I feel like I really hit an awesome balance of my running with cross training, stretching and REST. Onward! Saturday: Since we were out of town for our friend’s wedding, I hit up the hotel gym to get in a workout in the morning. It kind of makes me miss having gym equipment, but definitely can’t beat running outside when the weather is still nice enough to do it!

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#WIAW: Or What I ate Tuesday

Chocolate Banana Oatmeal Hey all! So, trying something new today inspired by the blog Peas and Crayons What I Ate Wednesday. Since I wanted to get together a post for you all I decided to go with a WIAW..but really Tuesday edition. Once you check out what I ate today, head over to Peas and Crayons to check out others food recaps from their day. YUM!

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Hotel Workout: Keeping up with the training plan!

8 miles down! Happy Monday All! This past weekend we went to our friend’s wedding and OH GOSH. It was fun. Amazing amazing. Everyone was gorg and the reception was amazing! We had an awesome time! I was a teensy bit nervous about our first weekend away from home since now I’m getting into longer distances. On the gamete for this weekend was an 8.5 mile run and a 40 minute cross training. I knew there was no wayyy I was going to be up for a workout on Sunday (let’s be realistic here…) so I knew I need to get creative with my workout schedule.

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