Weekend Update: Is it Fall or Summer?

Good Morning! So, this weather. Um, yes. It’s a wonderful mixture of Summer and Fall weather. This weekend was super fun and a great mixture of friends and keeping it healthy. You can still enjoy good food and drinks, have fun and be healthy!


Since I work a 4 day week, I’ve been fortunate to have Friday as my long run day. As someone that previously was NOT a runner its been scary to start something like this, but also exciting to really see how effective training has been thus far. I have typically been running with a friend of mine which has been great to really learn better pacing as well as have someone to help distract me when things get tough!

Statue on Trail

This Friday was my first run by myself and I was definitely nervous I was going to flake out around mile 3, but to my surprise I was able to rock out 7.5 miles (and still take pictures along the way!).


I was actually happy that I did this run by myself since it was the furthest I have yet to run. Each time my Runkeeper updated me on my mileage it was such a fun experience to know I had done it all by myself {tear}.

Running shadow

I ended my run by doing my last mile and a half or so running from the river trail down to Reading Terminal Market where I met a few friends for lunch. As if Reading Terminal Market isn’t delicious enough add in a lnch after a long run and Ohhh man. Amazing.

Reading Terminal

After the market, I head home, showered and headed out to Chester County to visit my boyfriend’s puppy family and do some Target shopping with his Mom.


Target is so dangerous. Where else can you buy a new outfit, some jewels, a new pan, and face wash? Totally have to let you guys know about this new pan. It was highly recommended to me by my friend’s Mom. According to her, food tastes better cooked in it!

New Pan


We decided to stay over at their house after dinner since it can be a little tough getting back into the city and trying to find parking at night. Saturday afternoon, we were going to a Craft Beer Oktoberfest with a bunch of friends so when we woke up we had a big breakfast to get ready for our day. My boyfriend’s Mom always makes a big breakfast for us each time we stay over and this was exactly what we needed for our day! Typically, we have the debate of waffles (my choice) versus pancakes (the boyfriend’s choice), but today I was all about the bagel in order to prep my stomach.


And naturally, we had some coffee to start us up and keep us going all day! Breakfast with this little monkey? Um. Yes, please. Someday he’s going to make his way to our house so he can be a city puppy, at least for an afternoon!

Coffee with puppy

The fest started a little eh, when we had to wait in line for almost an hour and a half just to get in the door and then basically waited in lines for the first couple of hours to get beer samples, but the day ended super fun when we all danced around to live music and played giant Jenga.Yes. Giant. Jenga. We then took the train in towards the city and stopped at this bar/restaurant where we could all hang out outside without that crazy Center City 2 hour wait for a table. Such a fun way to end the night!

Outside bar


After a busy, super fun weekend, today is going to be all about prepping for our week ahead. Today the plans involve a yoga class, cooking some chili, watching the Eagles and trying out the bread maker again. Let’s hope this attempt is better than the last!


Hope you all had a fun weekend! Enjoy your Sunday!!

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  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Yay for your 7.5 mile solo run!! Are you training for the Philly Half Marathon?

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