Let’s get real: How to really commit to working out

Good morning! This weekend Philly is all a bustle with the Rock’n’Roll Half and Full Marathon Festivities! It totally makes me excited (and also a little scared!) about my upcoming half marathon at the end of November. My training has actually been going pretty well so far..I was saying yesterday to a friend that it’s amazing how much easier its been increasing mileage by actually training! (ha!). In the past, I feel like I’ve been so gung-ho about jumping on the band wagon I’ll just decide to go for a 5 mile run randomly…but it turns out that doesn’t work! Previously I was never a huge runner…and I blame it more or less for this reason. I would get all pumped up, go for a long run…then boom! done. No running for a month since my body was ready and would most likely be so sore or worse, I would get injured and have to take time off. This time I’ve been doing a few things much, MUCH differently.

Sunset run

1. Figure out a real training plan. In order to avoid my previous folly, this time I actually did some good research and looked up training plans. When I started running, I had been consistently working out and had a relatively good endurance so it was a little easier to be realistic with training. In order to train for my half marathon, I decided to go with a Hal Higdon plan. I seriously suggest looking into the plans if you haven’t heard of them before. Tried and true, many runners have used these plans in order to prepare for races. From, 5ks to marathons, he has a bunch of plans…and also includes some great running advice and strategies! {if you’re a true running beginner, you should check out Couch-2-5k running plan…it starts you off slow, think 60 seconds of jogging at a time…perfect for a newbie!!}

2.  Invest in the right equipment. So, one big thing for me is investing in the right equipment. To be honest, I don’t have the best physical “equipment” in my favor…I have the flattest feet and a few years ago had knee surgery…so I need to make sure I set myself up with the best support system as possible. I went to a running specialist and was evaluated for new shoes (found out I ve been wearing the wrong size!) and for me it was major! Wait, your feet shouldn’t feel broken after you run? Ohh, weird. Also. Make sure to replace your shoes often and when needed! I also wear a superr-uber fashionable knee brace to protect my joint. So watch out. Looking good.


3. Get a support system. Besides my knee brace of course (ha…), I need to have a good support system in order to be able to fit in my fitness goals. For me this includes a whole bunch of things…running with a friend…having dinner later…having a boyfriend that’s okay with said dinner being later…but really, making sure to have whatever it is for you to be able to support your goals. One thing that previously helped me a bunch was texting a friend after each workout and she would text me after each time she worked out. It was a fun way to keep in touch, but also a good way to motivate each other!

Swan running buddy

Running buddy? May want to look elsewhere! 

4. Decide how this is really going to work. Like, letsss be real. You may decide to go with a plan of running 3 days a week for 30 minutes, Great! Wonderful!! Amazing!! But, can this actually work? For me, I go with a running plan of running after work 3 days a week, and then doing my long run on my day off. I go with 2 medium runs (3-5 miles), 1 short run (around 2 miles) with some ab workout and then my long run where I increase my weekly mileage. I also toss in some cross training each week. For me, it was all about getting crafty with time and getting realllll type A with my google calendar. It works for me, but figure out what works for you! 

5. Make a commitment. One way to make that commitment is to sign up for a race or competition… Decide your fitness goals and make a plan to commit to it! For me, its been world’s easier to commit to my running plan knowing that I have a race coming up. I decided to pick races every few months or so in order to continually motivate myself to keep going before my big race in November!

Sunset run 2

6. Make a financial commitment. Can’t lie, it would be pretty easy to walk away from a $25 race…but when you make a serious investment in a race you’re less likely be want to walk away without that finisher’s medal! This also includes investing in the right equipment. Yes, they have running shoes for $40 and they seem world’s easier than investing in those shoes for $135, but you could ultimately end up spending much more later if you don’t give yourself the best starting option.

7.  Take true rest days. This is seriously something with which I have the hardest time. I can never seem to take a true rest day. I’ll decide “okay, no running today… well, a 10 mile bike ride is okay then, right??” Or in the same, I will often decide to take a short run day and do a 2-mile run with an ab routine and will instead do a 3 mile run and a HIIT workout. Fail. But, hey. I keep trying  :-)

Post run!

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  1. Pants says:

    From now on you are Colleen “Rocky” O’Connor. Nice post Colleen. Otto and I hope to make it to Philly in November to cheer on all our fav O’Connor’s and significant others. Keep on-keeping on Col!!!!

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