Super Soakers, please! :The Philly 10k Recap

Morning Friends! Finally a few minutes to put this together for you after a busy week. Last weekend I got together with a few thousand of my closet friends to run a casual 6 miles around the streets of Philly…Just kidding! I ran the Philly 10k and oh mannn was it great.

The Philly10K
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The race was planned spot on from start to finish starting from packet pick up. The bib pick up was down in Italian Market so I decided to incorporate it into my shorter run. It was fun to get a “first look” at the course by running through the neighborhood. Leave it to the Philly 10k to not just have a few folding tables with a few boxes of bibs…there was a full expo set up (with adorable pallet decor!). They also had a bunch of vendors with food and beer, music and super cute race apparel. Ugh, I pawed over everything, but unfortunately wasn’t able to find the size I wanted! wah. They did have this awesome, locally-made Philly 10k sign which was adorable!
Philly 10k expo

I decided to take Friday as a pre-race stretch and rest day so I did a little light yoga and took the rest of the day easy. The race day on Saturday started early…Well, Hello 6am! Naturally, being overly prepared I had set out all of my race gear…including pinning my bib to my shirt and laying out my breakfast. Yup, laying out my breakfast. Did it.

Getting ready!

After gearing up, we headed out and then it hit me…the humidity that is. At 6:30 am and it already felt like a sauna? uh oh…I was really regretting the idea to wear cropped running pants rather than shorts…or a bathing suit :-) We got to the race, hit up the porta pottys (what. full disclosure here) and then got to the starting line. Or, should I say got in close proximity to the starting line…Since the streets are so narrow we were basically bursting out of the set up race starting spots.

Starting Line -Philly 10k

Despite being tightly packed in with a few thousand of my closet Philly neighbors the race start was relatively smooth. We only stood at the start for about 20 minutes prior to starting. The race started off pretty smooth, but man was it hot! I literally started sweating at the 1/2 mile mark! The water couldn’t come soon enough. There were 2 water stops along the way, mile 3 and 5.  I think in any normal circumstances this would have been totally fine, but oh gosh…not so much today. (Thank god for the spectators along the way with squirt guns!)

Starting Line - The Philly 10k

Fast forward through the race, there were a few places that I thought I might just pass out from the heat, but then a miracle would happen and we would pass on a street covered in shade.

The Philly 10k

Have to say, Spring Garden may have been hell, but whatever. I did it! I passed that finish line and oh man. Thank god! The finish line offered some awesome post race gifts; a locally drawn map of the race, custard made especially for the race and a Philly 10k beer? UM. Thank you thank you.

Philly 10k Map
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After the race, we decided to venture closer to our house to refuel and get some brunch. We stopped at Cafe Yenz…Huevos Rancheros, please! UM YUM. Also, that night I hunkered down with a movie, some homemade popcorn and some fresh lemonade made locally (oh, and about 3 gallons of water throughout the day). Girls gotta recoup.

Huevos Rancheros

A+ to the Philly 10k for some awesome race swag. All in all an awesome race. I do wish they would have reacted to the sudden humidity we had and maybe added another water station, but for the first year? Awesome work. I can’t wait for next year! I’m betting it sells out in <45 mins next year rather than the 72 minutes this year!

The FINISH Philly 10k

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2 comments on “Super Soakers, please! :The Philly 10k Recap
  1. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Oh that’s cool that people had super soakers…you guys definitely needed it! Love your pictures! I really hope to run the 10k next year!

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