Running home: How I incorporate my workout into my long work day.

Two years ago when I started my first profession job I was in “that place” that so many new grads face…you know the place? Excited for a new chapter, pumped up to be a “professional”, BEYOND thrilled to get a REAL paycheck…and then it hits you. this. is. for. real. For me this was a hard spot, I was definitely excited, but it was a hard transition from the college/grad school life. Man oh man did I need to learn some serious balance. It took me a few months, (and a few moves!) to get used to it.

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At first, I would wake up 60-45 minutes before I needed to get ready for work, go to the gym and get in my workout prior to heading out for a long work day. As you would expect this was a hard schedule to stick with considering I already needed to leave for work at 6:20-ish, waking up at 5:00am just wasn’t going to work.

Alarm Clock

So, I invested in an at home work out, changed my alarm clock to 5:45am, and worked out every night when I got home from work. Well, once again…after a few weeks, I just couldn’t stick with it. I had an hour long commute in the morning and an hour and a half train ride at night on top of a 10 hr work day. I would get home, throw myself into some workout clothes, turn on the DVD and halfheartedly do my 30 minute workout. Within about 15 minutes, I would start to throw something onto the stove, just to let it start cooking or I would be directing my boyfriend on how to cook the chicken while trying to hold my side plank. It just wasn’t going to work.


For a little while, I had a brief lapse in workouts during the week and would try to catch up on the weekends, but man, sometimes I just needed a break and no schedules to which I had to adhere. Not to mention the guilt I had if I skipped out on a weekend workout.  Well, fast forward a few months, and a crazy move, we finally were living in the city. This was the biggest, and probably the most positive change for me. Not only did this DEMOLISH my commute, it allowed for me to incorporate daily physical activity just by walking to/from work every day.

Trail at night

I started out walking to/from work every day which was amazing, but within a few months I realized, yes this may be more physical activity than nothing, but no, it wasn’t a true workout. I decided to toss in a weekend run, starting off slow and just doing a mile or so. Amazingly, I started to actually love running and craved it (lame :-) ). A few months ago, I started trying to incorporate running into my daily routine by walking to work in the morning and running home each night and now I’m up to running at least 3 days a week after work, plus weekend workouts.

Workout clothes

Each night, I pack up a bag with a change of running clothes, a preworkout snack and my running pouch. After work, I change my clothes, safely stow away my clothes at work, pack up my pouch with my house keys, work ID, and phone, then I hit the pavement. If I’m going for a short run, I add in a few side streets and then head home, but If I’m going for a longer run I’ll hit up the Schuylkill trail prior to heading home. The best part about running after work, is that I literally run away from work- it helps me to disconnect from my long stressful day and come home just a little lighter (ha, get it?).

Trail running

So, how about you? Anyone else do the “run commute”? Or, use any creative ways to get that workout in?

Post run selfies!

Everyone loves a post run selfie, heyyyyy!

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