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Taking my training wheels off: Urban Biking

Biking in the city 2 Happy Tuesday! Here’s to hoping today is not so dark and rainy as yesterday evening! Despite the rain I still managed to get in my 4 mile run. Hooray for scheduling!! Lately, I’ve been riding my bike to/from work. It started as a way to just speed up my commute, but recently has turned into way more! I was all about cutting down my commute time, but I didn’t anticipate how much I would actually enjoy it. I had previously used my bike riding my bike in “uber protected” areas, such as along the trail. I’m all about a casual ride, but it turns out Urban biking. Um, amazinggg.

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Weekend Update: Is it Fall or Summer?

IMG_5050 Good Morning! So, this weather. Um, yes. It’s a wonderful mixture of Summer and Fall weather. This weekend was super fun and a great mixture of friends and keeping it healthy. You can still enjoy good food and drinks, have fun and be healthy! My Friday started out with a long run. Since I work a 4 day week, I’ve been fortunate to have Friday as my long run day. As someone that previously was NOT a runner its been scary to start something like this, but also exciting to really see how effective training has been thus far.

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So, do you like me?

Facebook_Keep it Real Clean 2 Okay, I decided it was time to join the world…the world of Facebook that is. I finally made a page for Keep it Real Clean. I’m planning on introducing some new workouts and recipes that will be available to Facebook fans and I’ll be posting some behind the scenes pictures so make sure to get on it so you can see it first!

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Getting on the bandwagon (hayride?): PUMPKIN.

Pumpkin Yogurt Pumpkin. For some just the word is literally enough to have you digging through your closet just to find your Uggs and scarves so you can wrap yourself up in lovely layers while you sip, eat, burn (candles of course), everything and ANYTHING pumpkin. I, for one, have not been the biggest fan of pumpkin in the past…not anything against it, but I was never consumed by the “pumpkin addiction” in the past; however this year has been different.

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Let’s get real: How to really commit to working out

Post run! Good morning! This weekend Philly is all a bustle with the Rock’n’Roll Half and Full Marathon Festivities! It totally makes me excited (and also a little scared!) about my upcoming half marathon at the end of November. My training has actually been going pretty well so far..I was saying yesterday to a friend that it’s amazing how much easier its been increasing mileage by actually training! (ha!).

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Squashing leftovers (yes, this is a pun.)

Fritatta Last Sunday, I was trying to figure out what to make to bring for lunches this week and with little motivation to head out to the grocery store I knew I needed to make due with what I had at the house. Since we’ve been getting weekly veggie deliveries and bi weekly egg deliveries we seem to always luckily have a surplus of both of these items.

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In our house, every night is taco night…

Chicken Tacos with Mango-Peach Salsa I have a major hidden talent. I think I would be safe to bet that my boyfriend thinks it may be one of my most redeeming qualities. The best way to really hone a skill and build a true talent is to continually practice, right? My hidden talent? I can make anything, and I mean pretty much anything into a taco.

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Super Soakers, please! :The Philly 10k Recap

Philly 10k expo Last weekend I got together with a few thousand of my closet friends to run a casual 6 miles around the streets of Philly…Just kidding! I ran the Philly 10k and oh mannn was it great. The race was planned spot on from start to finish starting from packet pick up. The bib pick up was down in Italian Market so I decided to incorporate it into my shorter run. It was fun to get a “first look” at the course by running through the neighborhood.

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