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So, last year on my birthday I had the brilliant plan to make a bucket list of all of the things I would like to accomplish this year…I made a list of things varying from lofty, lovely floaty goals, such as smile more, and things to make me more well rounded, ie. learn to knit (like really this time) and read at least 1 new book a month, but another little goal snuck its way on to the top of my list…(well, behind take lots of picnics).. to run a half marathon.

I had big plans to run a half marathon…multiple times…but somehow something always got in the way. So, here we are…mid August and have I run a half yet? Nope. But, I finally decided to put asides all of my “obligations” to make sure I accomplished my goal to actually run the half marathon. One major motivator was to just go ahead and make the financial commitment ($135 dollars worth. gulp.) to give me that final little push to keep up with training. Last week, I went for it and decided to sign up for the Philly Half Marathon in November! Philly Marathon 1Photo credit:

After a short little  what have I done!! phase I got into high gear for putting together a training plan since this is the longest race I ever attempted…well, besides the Philly 10k…which will be the longest race I have done yet. Speaking of which…keeping in mind I have the Philly 10k coming up in 2 weeks I modified the plan slightly and basically extended the 12 weeks to 14. So far, I have been going for this plan:

Sundays: Long Run

Mondays: Stretch and Shortened Strengthen (basically an active rest day)

Tuesdays: Shorter run (right now around 3 miles)

Wednesdays: Cross train

Thursdays: Short run and strengthening

Fridays: Rest Day

Saturdays: Cross train

This week should be the first full out week to keep up with my workouts. I have been planning them each week with my Google calendar and scheduling an actual time rather than just picking the workout for the day to do when I can. I may or may not be in love with my Google Calendar.

Philly Marathon 1

So, as for those that have done a half so far? Any advice for a newbie??

How about accountability? What do you do to stick to it?

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